Stones of Malaya Asia

Izmir, the second most of the city of Turkey, and the neighboring resorts on the coast of the Aegean Sea – the popular place of summer holidays ours. Some of them resting at sea, buy day trips to the nearest monuments. However, the sightseeing capabilities of the Aegean coast of Turkey, or Malaya Asia, as she called the ancient Greeks, are far from being fully used in Russia. Ancient Greek name Izmir – Smyrna. The city was founded in the second millennium BC. NS. Unfortunately, Izmir really suffered as a result of earthquakes, wars and fires. Therefore, there are few attractions left in the city: a few mosques, archaeological museum, caravansery and clock tower. But around the Izmir monuments there are a lot, and therefore it is convenient to go from it on excursions, which tourists are doing, resting in the city itself and at the nearby seaside resorts – Chesma and Kusadasi.

At one and a half hours a ride to the north of Izmir lies Bergama, now the Turkish village, and in antiquity – the ancient city of Pergam. Around the Acropolis, towering on a mountain over the city, preserved ruins of the famous once library, theater, temples of Troy and Dionysus and Altar Zeus. This huge marble altar was built in the second century BC. NS. and rightfully considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Now it is reconstructed and is the main exhibit of specially built in Berlin "Pergamon Museum". Not far from the Acropolis, the ruins of another known monument – Asklepion, the temple associated with the cult of the health and healing of Asclepia (Eskulap) are preserved. Excursion to Pergams cost $ 20-25 per person.

Another north, about 6 km south of the Dardanella Strait, there are remnants of the famous Troy. Unfortunately, about brilliant Ilion, sometimes Homer, now do not resemble the luxurious palaces, no temples, nor even columns. Only walls and gates are preserved. Yes "Trojan horse" – Stylized under antiquity Contemporary monument. About the past wealth and magnificence of Troy can be found at the local museum. One day excursion in Troy costs about $ 30-40. Some Turkish travel agencies offer during one trip to visit and Pergam, and Troy.

After going south from the city of Kusadasi, you can get to the ancient city of Ephesus. This famous policy is almost completely preserved. In Ephesus, there was a famous temple of Artemis, later destroyed to the foundation by nomadic tribes. But the two theater survived (one of which is designed for 24 thousand. Spectators), Temple of Adriana, Gate Hercules, whole streets, library and even a local public house with a well-preserved road pointer to it. Tourists are particularly interested in the sights of Ephesus. According to legend, Ephesis became the last refuge of the Apostle of John and the Virgin Mary, Mother Jesus Christ. During an excursion to tourists show the house in which the Virgin Mary spent its last days and the Basilica. John (in Solkuchka), erected on the grave of the apostle in the VI century. Excursion to Ephesus from Izmir costs $ 35.

Stones of Malaya Asia

Western European tourists are popular for another excursion – in the ancient Greek city of Millet, Prien and Didim ($ 40 per person). Special attention deserves the first of them. Millet is the birthplace of many Greek philosophers, such as Anaximandra, scientists and architects (Isidore was born here). The main decoration of the city is the theater, designed for 25 thousand. Spectators. Faustina’s terms are well preserved and the wives of the emperor Mark Aurelia. And near the southern part of the city is an interesting monument of a completely different period – Mosque Ilyas-Bay XV century. This square building with a huge dome is distinguished by the grace of architectural forms, as well as a saturated decor – abundance of marble sculptural reliefs. The ruins of the Demeter Temple and the system of the network in the form of a network (an excellent example of urban planning) can be seen in the prince, now it is a Turkish village Gullyubach. In Didim, where the APOLLONA of the art has long been worshiped, his temple IV is preserved to. NS. – One of the most sacred places of ancient world. Many centuries ago from this temple to milet ran a sacred road. According to its size and significance, the monument was inferior only to the temples of Artemis in Ephesus and Gera on the island of Samos.

Of course, the most popular excursion among holidaymakers in Izmir ours is visited by Pamukkale ("Cotton Castle"). These are cascades from white stalactites descending into healing thermal sources containing limestone salts. Thanks to their therapeutic properties in Pamukkal, they came to be treated still in ancient times. There are a thermal center and several hotels with pools. In addition to bathing in Pamukkale sources, tourists inspect the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Gieropolis, as well as APRATION, an antique city, which is mainly due to the cult of Aphrodite, beauty goddesses. The stadium of this policy has been preserved better than all others in Malaya Asia. Interesting attractions around Izmir Much more than those mentioned in this review. Our tourists usually go on excursions only during summer holidays on the sea. Autumn and spring excursion facilities of small Asia examine basically rich Americans and the Japanese. So far, all attempts of our firms sell purely excursion programs in Turkey did not have success. However, on September, two excursion groups on the route Moscow-Izmir-Istanbul-Moscow are scheduled. Tour includes excursions to Troy, Millet, Didim, Pergam, Pamukkale and Ephesus. Its cost – $ 560 with flight.

Stones of Malaya Asia

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