Stonehenge – the most mystical place in the world. Photo

Not far from the capital of the UK, next to the mystical county of Devonshire in the valley of Salisbury is the ancient monument – Stonehenge. It dates back to the III millennium BC.NS. Pass and not notice this place can not be. Stonehenge is represented by several huge blocks of stone arranged in a particular order.

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TURPROM picked up for you the most interesting facts about Stonehenge to inspire you for new interesting travels in the British Islands! So:

Who built Stonehenge and for what?

One of the legends says that the complex was built on the venue of Merlin’s wizard during the reign of King Arthur. When Saksa attacked in England, many leaders were killed. All of them were buried in the valley of Salisbury. Merlin’s wizard appealed to the king and offered to build a ritual ring from strengths on this place, and then all the dead will revive. Arthur agreed, but the problem was only that these stones were at a distance of more than 200 kilometers from the valley in Ireland and their weight differed from 50 to 500 tons. The wizard managed to persuade the king that these stones are magical and possess strength, and people were ordered to deliver these stones to the valley. How much time went to it? According to research scientists not one hundred years.

On another version, Stonehenge was built by druids and was used as a observatory for determining the phases of the Sun and the Moon. And this version may occur, but only built it not Druids. They appeared on this earth much later when the complex was already there.

How Stonehenge was built?

For the construction of the complex went about 200 years. It was built in several stages. At the place where the tourist parking is currently located, the deepeners were found in which wooden pillars were. On these pillars stood a big monument that was not preserved to the present day.

A green stone was installed in the center, which was called the altar. Around this stone were wooden buildings in the form of a crescent. Subsequently, they dug and replaced the blue stones. Two of them are currently preserved. One is called the heel. If you stand to him face on the day of solstice, then you can see how the beam of the world comes out of it. Another blue stone stood not far from the heel, but now he is littered.

Around the place where the monument is now standing now, which was littered with horns and animal bones. Based on this, you can say that rites were held there.
Further, 56 holes were dug and covered with chalk. For what they were intended to be difficult to judge, but it is quite possible that the movements of the Sun were determined by these wells. In later times, these wells were used for the burial of the dust after cremation. During the excavations, the remains were found in them. Whether the complex is a burial ground or a victim offense, will remain a mystery.

Around the altar were huge stone boulders in a certain order. Some of them lie horizontal stones. According to some versions, these were the hallways of Druids.

Before installing the stones were processed in several stages:

  • Handling and fire. Stones acquired the necessary shape and strength.
  • Grinding. Grinding boulders at the installation site. According to some versions after grinding, they acquired white. Natural conditions led them to the current species.
Stonehenge - the most mystical place in the world. Stock Foto Tourism articles from tourism

So far, not all parts of the complex have reached, but there are people who claim that despite the destroyed type of stones, the complex still was restored in the 80s of the XX century. And there is even evidence. Many artists wrote their paintings from the complex and order stones there was a little different. There are also photos on which it can be seen that the stones are put using the technique. As far as the monument was changed, it remains only to guess.

How to get to Stonehenge

The place is very popular for tourists. Locals sold hammers and other tools to tourists with the help of which you can beat off a small stone and pick up home. People believed such pebbles to be protected from dark forces. But in 1986, the monument was included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and disconnect particles forbidden.

You can get to Stonehenge from the capital of the Kingdom of London in many ways:

  • Order Excursion. But the excursion time will be limited, and the number of people will be great to consider.
  • By bus to Salisbury. In this case, there will be more time to consider and explore.
  • Train that goes every hour from Waterloo. Stop Salisbury.

In the notorious Salisbury will have to transfer to the bus and drive another 30 minutes until the place. Many tourists come there on the Solstice Day to celebrate a pagan holiday and feel a magic connection with ancestors.

Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious places. For many years, scientists are trying to solve the secret of his appearance, and for a long time he will be the object of research of various specialists.

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Stonehenge - the most mystical place in the world. Stock Foto Tourism articles from tourism

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