Stonehenge (Stonehenge)

Stonehenge (Stonehenge) – Ancient megalithic structure surrounded by legends, which is located in Amesbury, United Kingdom. The attraction consists of 30 stone blocks located on each other. Researchers still can not figure out the purpose of Stonehenge. This is one of the most mysterious places in the world, which is included in the list of protected UNESCO objects.

The first studies assured that the construction is connected with the druids. Excavations also proved that Stonehenge was created in the new and bronze centuries. The puzzle is that it was built in the rock Prezeliyskih mountains, which are two hundred kilometers.

Stonehenge is credited with many legends. For example, the Celts considered it a sanctuary magician Merlin, created with magic. Pagans believed that this temple for sacrifices and burials. Scientists believe that these blocks – nothing else than the ancient observatory.

Stonehenge (Stonehenge)

Despite the fact that the cause of construction and technology of Stonehenge is unknown, it is quite fascinating object. You will not be able to approach the plates themselves, but made special trails for tourists.

You can get here as part of tour of London or its own power on the train from the station «Waterloo» (station «Salisbury») And then by bus, which dovezot directly to attractions.

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