Stonehenge in United Kingdom

One of the most mysterious prehistoric monuments is considered a unique architectural structure, known as Stonehenge. Thanks to the ancient building, the United Kingdom annually attracts millions of tourists and scientists to their country, which in desperate attempts try to solve an ancient riddle.

Stonehenge is a stone ring structure located In County Wiltshire, approximately 130 km from the southwest to London. Monument consists from sacrificial and altar stone, as well as a number of stones built by a hiking way, lined in the ground, and having no bonding.

Millennium This megalith does not give rest to humanity. Trying to understand the idea and the construction method, people put forward the most incredible hypotheses and created legends. His authorship was attributed to the Egyptians, the priests of the Mediterranean, aliens and even giants. And the construction was called the temple of the Sun or Snake, a conventional conservatory, the burial site of rulers, platform for holidays and rites.

Over time, Stonehenge’s mystery becomes not answering, as much as many, but all sorts of guesses and theories. One is completely clear that this The place was considered sacredm, and stones still possess mystical energy. Its sacralism indicate a number of features of stone giants.

This indisputable lunar symbolism, Connection of construction with winter and summer solstice, motion of the moon, eclipses, solar system model. This fact confirms the attitude of the monument to some cult goals. The moon, above all, is a symbol of the magical properties of rebirth and immortality.

Important information also carries a form in the form of a circle that confirms the feature of this place. It is quite clear that the circle carries a significant semantic load, being a model of the earth, the sacred point of the transition of one state to another, from the world of living in the world, inaccessible to our consciousness.

Stonehenge in United Kingdom

Putting in intrigue, structure and in our time is the center of the disputes of historians, architects, and just interested people and tourists. He attracts hippie, non-publicists, representatives of different cultures and religions. Meet the dawn In this place on the day of the summer solstice, it has long been a tradition and a holiday that attracts thousands of people.

Stone giants stand in the middle of a wide field in absolute silence, keeping its majestic mystery. Stonehenge leaves no one indifferent. He either disappoints or leads to delight. Someone he will seem pile of stones devoid of any meaning.

Residents of large cities accustomed to high speed of life and continuous noise, definitely alarmed frightening silence. Standing in front of the majestic, and at the same time an architecturally simple building, the bustle of civilization remains behind, the time as if it stops and has to stay alone with her thoughts, one on one with the universe.

Grand Ancient Stones, Gloomy and Majestic, will be able to remind each of us that there is no past, present and the future, there are eternity, part of which we are.

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