Stonehenge – how to get from London (all ways)

Get to Stonehenge from London in different ways. From that article you will learn how to get to the ancient megalites with public transport. This is not the most common way, but the exact most interesting and cheap.

If going Visit Stonehenge, Especially if you want to do it yourself, and not through a travel agency, then you need to remember a few names:

First, remember Nearest K Stonehengeu cityAmesbury (AMESBURY).

Secondly, the city from which goes Bus to Cass Stonehenge (they are located away from the stones) – Salisbury (Salisbury).

Finally, take a look at the area map.

1st way &# 8212; on foot, via Amesbury

From London you need To get to Eixbury (AMESBURY) by bus. Go there at the stop and then on foot to Stonehengeja (as indicated in the following scheme).

It seems to me, this is the most successful option. Go there 40 minutes everything is faster than to go to Salisbury and get back from there by bus back to Stonehenge.

Where to buy a bus ticket

Bus ticket can be bought on the bus station Victoria Coach Station (in London, Victoria Metro Station) in the machine or in cash. But more convenient Do this via the Internet on the site National Express . This is the largest British bus carrier. Ticket You can not print, Just show the driver on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

When buying a ticket, make sure that there are no transfers – get to the place faster.

2nd way &# 8212; by bus through Salisbury

From London to get to Salisbury (Salisbury), where the bus station every hour a bus to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge - how to get from London (all ways)

You guessed it, will have to go in the opposite direction as the bus to Salisbury (Salisbury) still go through Amesbury (Amesbury). If you do not want to walk, then this method will suit you more than the first, even though he and costly.

Third way to &# 8212; through a travel agency

The most expensive, but the easiest way get to Stonehenge, it is to sit in a tour bus in London. Offers of travel agencies is easy to find on Google .

How much time to allocate to Stonehenge

On a trip to Stonehenge highlight all day

go quickly Stonehenge from London Not sure it’s going to happen. The road will take a long time, and the inspection of Stonehenge, along with the museum is not a quick process. why hurry?

On all the satellite photos in front of Stonehenge, you can see the parking lot. In fact today there is a construction site, and parking, along with a cash register located a little away. The road from the banks is only to the construction site. Look at the diagram on top.

Stonehenge - how to get from London (all ways)

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