Stone Pearl of Florence – Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

In the list of selection of the European country for the upcoming rest, Italy, undoubtedly, appears in the first lines. And in the listing of Italian cities, where it is definitely worth to look at at least a day, Florence also occupies a leading place. Well, among the attractions of this centuries-old city Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore – the very first and most significant, After all, he is a monumental urban emblem. His name has a very beautiful translation: "Flower of St. Mary". The Cathedral also master the "Duomo", by the name of the Square of the same name, on which it is located.

Architectural innovation of the Renaissance

Immediately it is worth noting that the construction of the cathedral was a long and incredibly complex process. His appearance contributed to The efforts of several architects, Signing each other in different epochs. The construction of the cathedral began in 1296. The first architect was the Tuscan master of his case Arnolf di Cambio. Together with the Cathedral of the Cathedral, the latest ideas, organically embodied in the construction. In particular, the first architect belongs to the bold decision to combine the architecture of the temple two styles: Norman and Gothic. However, after the death of Arnolf di Cambio, the construction of the cathedral has stopped for as many as 30 years.

Only since 1334, the famous architect was appointed Florentine artist Jotto di Bondone. All of its potential, the new project manager will embody in the construction of the bell tower, otherwise called Campanilla. However, he soon suffered the same fate as Arnolf di Cambio.

The most difficult in the construction of the cathedral was the design and direct construction of the monumental dome. In the Middle Ages, Europeans absolutely could not work with this kind of structures. The complexity was wound both in large dome sizes and in the need of erecting it without scaffolding. These tasks allowed Philippo Bruneland, New architect Cathedral after 40 years of inaction. He Invented mechanisms, which daily delivered to the future dome about 6 tons of necessary materials. He also sought to make it easier to ease the weight of the arch, which was achieved thanks to a two-layer frame with dismembering his ribs. Thus, 1434 was embodied unique, bright red Eight-marched dome, solemnly towering over the city and glorifying the brilliant engineering idea seemed to be unattainable. His total weight amounted to 37,000 tons. Such dome considered the biggest in the world.

The facade of the cathedral is decorated green, white and pink marble. It also decorates the sculpture of that in honor of which Duomo and named, &# 8211; Statue of Immaculate Virgin Mary with lovely lily and baby in hands. On both sides of it, sculptures depicting 12 apostles.

Stone Pearl of Florence - Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Modest luxury, directed to God: Interior decoration of the cathedral

Interior Duomo amazes and lures. It consists of magnificent stained glass windows, the creations of the most famous Florentine Masters of Renaissance. Through the scenes of biblical plots, the sun’s rays are bizarrely refracted, as if confirming High spiritual significance Inside. There are amazing frescoes of the "terrible court", warning and instructive. They also depict well-known personalities, playing a big role in the history of the cathedral, &# 8211; Jotto, Giovanni Akuto, Nikolo yes Toleretino, Dante Aligiery. Paul Duomo is made of Rich mosaic marble.

A huge number of arches, high walls and arches of the cathedral, its grand columns, entertaining frescoes, &# 8211; all this makes visitors constantly throw the head up. It seems that everyone here is directed upwards, in heaven. As if not only praying in the cathedral, but the cathedral itself stretches to God. With all the luxurious decoration of the temple, where attention is paid even to the most insignificant little things, The total situation and atmosphere seems strict and modest, under the wonderful and chaste Virgin Mary.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore definitely deserves the close attention of each tourist in Florence. it Proud of the victory of human genius above heavy and non-danguable stone. This is the emblem of clean and immaculate beauty.

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