Askos Stone Park

Zakynthus Natural Park spread out in a hollow between the mountains by 500 thousand. kv. meters. Askos Stone Park – The natural reserve in which everything is made of stone: vessels, trough and tanks, buildings. In addition to the stone crafts of travelers, animals are interested in animals.

Hundreds of different animals, birds, amphibians and insects perfectly get along in the reserve. Natural Park Askos – Greek contact zoo, where you can not only look at the fauna representatives, but also stroke some of them. At the staff of the park you can take food and feed the local inhabitants (the food brought with them is better not to give – It can be inappropriate).

Stone Park Askos Sights of Zakynthos Travel Guide

Turtles, goats, pony, roosters, peacocks, roots, horses, raccoons – Not a complete list of those with whom your baby will be glad to meet. In the shade of trees, you can often find a sleeping cat – These animals are not «Exhibit» Museum of animals, but feel like full owners. Askos Stone Park – Great vacation option for the whole family, children get a lot of positive impressions from animal communication. And after the excursion you can make a stop at the nearby hydrogen sulfide source, which is located on the beach Xiggia.

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