Stone figures of the fabulous Valley Yulang in China

At first glance it may seem that these stone sculptures have been many centuries. But it is not. All sculptures in the Valley of Yulang are created by the hands of Song Peilun over the last twenty years of his life.

Song Peilun created and built these sculptures from simple stones. In the fabulous valley you can see stone people, castles, lakes, as well as separately standing towers, decorated with various faces.

Song Peilong – Free artist, cartoonist and a former professor of one of the Chinese universities.

In the creation of the valley, Masons helped him. Most of them did not possess any special skills or professions, so the artist entrusted them to scolding stones.

The idea of ​​building such an unusual place came to Song Peilun while visiting a furry horse memorial in the US.

Stone figures of the fabulous Valley Yulang in China

The Yulang Valley should remind the Yulang tribe, which inhabited this territory almost 2000 years ago before completely disappear.

Only a few decades ago there was practically nothing but wild vegetation.

Today, several university buildings are erected around the Valley of Yulang, and in the valley itself they are constantly brought off with tourists. In the free time, many students help the artist to implement his ambitious project.

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