Stone attractions

Stones – the most valuable heritage of civilization. On their surface, people find unusual drawings and the epistles of ancestors, and compositions of stones become part of the story. So, structures from huge boulders scattered around the world. Their study is interested in historians and archaeologists.

The most famous structure is considered English Stonehenge. Huge stone boulders of various forms exhibited in a certain order, do not cease to attract the attention of tourists and travelers. On the days of the summer solstice, you can touch huge stones and stroll along with them, After all, on other days access to them is limited.

Despite its small visual appeal, yet stone Nuraghe tower in Italy also hit their uniqueness. What is surprising is that the whole island is scattered about 7000 towers. they are made from natural boulders that hold due to its weight. Once inside the composition, tourists with interest roam the maze of local light in which only penetrates through the special window.

V ZORATS KARER also you can see the unusual sight – about 200 boulders sticking out of the ground. Each stone has a hole. They are located in a certain order. But the significance of this place is not known virtually nothing. Some people believe that this is an ancient observatory. Others suggest that it is the remains of the necropolis. But whatever it was, still wander through these places will be interesting.

In France There is also a similar place. It is located in Carnac. It is believed that there is the many large rocks around the world. And they have been processed and placed manually. A variety of shapes, size and location do not give clues to what they are made. But this kind of "forest" is impressive. I consider all of them will fail for one day because of such a large number of stones. Therefore, it is worth to stay for a few days.

Stone attractions

V Ethiopian city Tia there is 46 large stones, where the curious, but there obscure image. Naturally, the figures individually for each stone that only fuels the interest in studying them.

Such places are unique. In some cities and countries they are called shrines. Some locals are confident that these stones have healing properties, others on the contrary – They believe that they have a bad name.

Consult stone sights quite easy – just enter the desired query in a search engine. To get to the unusual structures is possible by means of guides. But keep in mind that not all of these walks can bring pleasure.

Stone attractions

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