Stone and modern Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera – This is a place of contrast. Here you can see the old town with a stone fortress, and small attention of the villas, and modern high-rise hotels and casinos. The most visited resort cities in Riviera are:
• Budva;
• Pettoz;
• Rafailovichi;
• Becici;
• Milocher
• Island of St. Stephen.

Budva and surroundings

Budva – heart of Budva Riviera, city located on the Adriatic Sea coast. In addition to the contrast of modernity and the old days you can see an interesting combination of mountains and beaches. And those and others in this place enough. Day Beaches are used in their direct appointment: local residents and tourists swim in the purest sea and sunbathe. There are two accommodation options for holidaymakers. The first is to rent a sun bed and umbrellas. The cost may vary greatly depending on the selected location. For example, at the most frequently visited Slavic beach You can pay from 10 to 15 euros for a set of two beds and one umbrella. Discounts are provided for residents of coastal hotels if part of the beach refers to their hotel. You can sunbathe on your towels or on the equipment, which can be bought in the nearest tents. It is completely free, no one from the beach kicks out.
If it is necessary to choose from before the first or second beach line, then, of course, it is better to choose the first, because the beach is closer, cheaper, and most often in such hotels there is a swimming pool that will definitely save in hot weather. After all, the air temperature in the summer period in the southern part of the country can achieve and 40 degrees. But the second line has its advantages: housing is much cheaper there, as well as products in stores can be bought at a lower cost than in the beach area. But in this case it will be necessary to go from 5 to 15 minutes to beloved place by the sea.

The most clean and visited can be called a couple of beaches:
Slavic beach. Is public, water in the sea is quite clean. You can find both the territory with stones and the pebble-sand. The cost, as indicated above, is small, depends on the specific part, as the beach extends a few kilometers.

Beach Mogren. One of the cleanest beaches is located near the Old Town. The cost of a set of sun bed and an umbrella ranges from 20 to 30 euros.

Beach Bechichi. Is already on the territory of the resort Becici, cleaner than Slavic, But most of it is either a private territory or property of hotels. But there is a social territory. Rent of the first line right by the sea stands in the area of ​​15 euros.

Besides beach holidays, Budva makes it possible to culturally spend time and relax. For those who love history more, an ancient structure and all that is connected with the medieval, exists Old city, whose streets can be transferred to Italy. There is also Citadel From the observation platform. Entrance to it costs 3.5 euros per person, And instead of the tickets, a beautiful postcard is issued, which can be sent close to the nearest post office.

There is also a group of tourists who wishes to visit all possible entertainment. Especially for this every evening the discos, parties begin on some beaches. In general, late in the evening Budva comes to life after a hot day. Especially if you live closer to the center, you can hear how locals and visitors sing songs. It is necessary to take into account families with young children when choosing a resort. For a quiet stay better to choose Resorts of Becici or Rafailovichi. Budva may find themselves and amateurs of gambling. Literally at every step you can find small casinos alternating with rental cars.

Stone and modern Budva Riviera

Islands of St. Stephen and St. Nicholas

Resort St. Stephen is one of the most expensive on all southern country. And also it is popular among politicians, stars show business, actors and actresses. Back in the period Yugoslavia This resort was visited Khrushchev and Brezhnev. If we talk about the actors, then even rest in this place Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie. Of all this it is worth conclude that for ordinary people who do not speak a great condition, it is not possible to stay on the island. Sometimes the cost of the apartment can be 5000 Euro per day. Therefore, the average tourist can be visited Sveti Stephen Only part of an organized tour group.

Another popular island is an island St. Nicholas. Only some of its intended for leisure travelers, other – This wild forest. Most of the tourists goes to the beach Hawaii and boats that depart from both the municipal pier and from the coastal cafe. In addition, you can buy a sea excursion for several attractions. But if the goal is only the beach, the smallest cost to get there and then come back is 4 euros per person.

What is so popular local Hawaii? In the place of the sea perfectly clear, even at the depth you can see the rocky bottom. And it is a pleasure cheap enough – only 10 euros for a set of 2 lounges. But there is a caveat. Unlike most beaches, toilet and an extra charge It costs 50 cents. All money received from tourists and locals on the island, go on his accomplishment. Hawaii is the minimum possible amount of garbage. Of course, compared with the beaches of 100-150 euros the rental equipment is not possible, but this place was truly paradise.

coming to Budva Riviera necessary before traveling to decide what type of recreation is preferable if you have children and what better place to visit. Already on the basis of this is to choose a resort. For a fun approach Budva itself, and for a more measured and quiet holiday – Becici and Rafailovici. In any case, it is necessary to approach this very seriously. This will depend on comfort and driving experience.

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