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We have passed in the summer with children in Stockholm for four days. Got, fascinated and want to come again,. Because Stockholm is beautiful and seem to be specifically designed to relax and adults and children can relax and everyone would be good and fun.

First of all stacking – a very pure city. Swedes are generally obsessed with cleanliness and ecology, and in the capital especially! There are almost no cars on gasoline, buses – both on biomaterial, or alcohol (what product translation!). Plus a lot of greenery and water (Stockholm is an archipelago and many islands).

Another plus of Sweden in general is that the Swedes love children very much, and they have all intelligently for those who are with a carriage: ramps in the subway, comfortable low (at the level of the sidewalk) entry into the bus. And even the folding changing tables in city transport I am no longer talking about children’s chairs for feeding in any cafe. In general, with a four-year-old and eight-year we felt very comfortable.

We lived all three days visiting friends who were emigrated to Sweden, so I can’t say anything about hotels – and it means that I start immediately to what you can do in Stockholm.

City overview It is necessary to make from two positions – on the heaters, taking a sightseeing tour, and with high points of the city, which serve as survey sites. Boat tours can be found in the center near the old town. They are 45 minutes old, one and a half – two hours, there are indoor COVERS, there are open. There are headphones (in our – not everywhere). But in fact, it is better not to listen to the tour, but just look at the city – he is worth it! And do not forget about Viewing platforms: This is the Town Hall and Catarinuses (observation deck in the center next to the subway Slussen).

Second place where all our tourists go are Unibaken, Museum of Characters Fairy Tales Astrid Lindgren: Carlson, Peppi Longs and so on. Unibacin not far from the center, on the island of Yurgorden. About which I also need to say a few words.

Yurgorden – Island in the very center of Stockholm, where many tourist places are located: Museum of Wasa, Skanen, Northern Museum, Unibachen. And on Yurgortenu, it’s great to just walk, it’s not for nothing that it translates as a beast. In one day, we even organized a picnic: taken with you sandwiches, juices, plaid and toys, climbed on the clearing, played and balders. Then they found out that the Swedes also do on weekends, but since there was a weekday, the picnics was not near.

Another binding place to visit with children is Skansen. This is the park, and the zoo (there are presented in large enclosures all kinds of animals that exist in Sweden), and an open-air ethnographic village, where the workshops in which the masters are in real time show how to blow the glass, how to do wood furniture. Try ourselves do not give, but still cool. In the same place in Scansene, an ethnic village, in general, you can walk all day.

Stockholm with children what, where and how to organize - Stockholm, Sweden blogs and travel notes

There is another wonderful museum that few people know – he is called Museum of Tom Tita. This museum is located in the suburb of Stockholm (on the train 30 minutes), but it is necessary to see it necessary for those who have children of school age. Adults there will be insanely interesting there, and since there is a park area near the museum and there they will ride a balloon, then small children will not get bored either. If briefly, the titts are a museum of visual physics: why waters fall down, as the light is refracted, how much energy it is necessary to work radio how optical illusions are working – all this is shown very clearly on fun and sometimes unexpected examples.

But there are two features: there, as far as we understand, do not conduct excursions – just take it yourself and touch and explore. But the fact is that an adult, even who has learned physics, can not explain all the experiments. About some need to think about themselves, and think long. At the entrance they give a guide – but it is in English and Swedish, plus the material is quite inconvenient there. Therefore, if you want to get into the Museum prepared – learn the site of the Tit Tit Museum. And yet: before going to the Tit Tit Museum, check with the time of work, there is a summer and winter schedule, sometimes unexpected!

Well, finally, useful links to train Travel in Stockholm:

  • http: // www.junibacken.SE / LANG / RUSSIAN – Junibacian site, there is a version in our
  • http: // www.Tomtit.SE / RUSSIAN /. – Museum of Tom Tita, also there is a our version
  • http: // stockholm-info.RU / INDEX.PHP / Walks / Panorama.html – a list of all review sites with addresses in Stockholm
  • http: // / vs / article / 6119 / – most interesting article about Skansen

All in all, Stockholm is great – for the next visit, we have laid an excursion to the royal palace, boating and the amusement park, which was closed in our last visit.

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