Stockholm – what to look between ferries from Turku

My name is Irina. I am from Moscow. I share the experience of an inexpensive trip to Stockholm for one day on a ferry from Turku. Two nights we spent the night on the ferry, spent the day in Stockholm. Turku got on the car and took her with them on the ferry. I’ll tell you how to see Stockholm for 1 day with ferry.

Stockholm – Dear City.

For example, only one night in a more or less good hotel will cost 12 15000 rub, In the hostel 1500 – 2000 rubles, But I didn’t want to stop there. In short, on all transport and hotel options it turns out expensive.

By chance, in one company talked to a person who knew the Stockholm perfectly, often there, he knows that, like how much. He said that there is a way to comfortably go to Stockholm for one day, everything is there and not to go broke.

Everything worked out. But, let’s in order.

Road to the ferry to Turku

We leveled from Moscow.

Decided to go not in the tourist season and not on holidays. I went at the end of April, so that I will return to the May holidays.

Cheaper than just get to Stockholm by car (to Turku (Finland), hereinafter – steam to Stockholm.

Let’s go Threesome – I, Katya’s girlfriend and her 12-year-old daughter faith. The road from Moscow to the border with Finland is beautiful, out of 900 km – approximately 500 km drive through highways.

Spent the night near the border in Torphyanovka, In the guest house. His previously booked on the Booking website.COM: Guest House in Peathanovka. I prefer to book hotels on Buking, no matter how I tried to change something, shoulding, use other sites – it did not work.

Lovely big house. Troim it was very comfortable, silence, peace. Went to the sauna (she is there in the house), dinner and breakfast prepared themselves, everything is in the house for this. The store is also near.

Relieved the full tank of gasoline (tank in my car is 800 km), and in the morning at 10:00 left for the border. There is about a kilometer to go. The border (our and Finnish) passed in 20 minutes – on Sunday cars were quite a bit.

380 km from the border to the Turku on the motorway arrived slowly in 4.5 hours. Walked around Turku.

We sailed on such a giant ferry for the first time. Swang on a 13-deck liner – a special pleasure, but the ferry below.

Ferry Turku – Stockholm

On the ferry, we booked tickets in advance, on the site Paromy.Ru.

Book a ferry tickets Viking Line. This ferry comes to the very center of Stockholm, it is not necessary to spend too much time on the road.

Ferries from Turku in Stockholm are sent 4 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. On the way about 10 hours. Ticket without a car costs from € 60. The price depends on the cabin class.

Ferries of two companies walk: Tallink and Viking Line. You can book cruises and they have on the site.

In the morning, the ferries depart from the Turk 08:20 and B 08:45. In the evening B 20:15 and 20:55. All of them come to Stockholm about 10 hours after departure. To normally take a walk in the city you need to sit on one of the evening ferries.

In service "Autopacket" The ferry includes cabin on the 4th person (you can take at least one – no one will subside to you), car and food (dinner and breakfast).

Nutrition can not buy – this is a private matter, you can buy on the ferry, but when booking it turns out for 10 euros cheaper. Fare price for ferry one way (cabin + car) – € 95 (dinner – € 26 and € 12 per child, breakfast – € 13 and € 5).

Stockholm is located on the islands and especially beautiful from the sea. You only need to sail. The city and suburbs from the sea look amazing.

I had stereotypes about the northern cities (serness, severity, and t.NS.), when visiting Stockholm, they all collapsed. Stockholm northern geographically. Otherwise – the city is bright, despite the external severity, and even warm.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate in Stockholm is softer than in Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen. It is said that and sunny days there is more. In any case, on the day of our stay was + 19 ° and sunny.

By the way, if you need Guide in Stockholm, I recommend this girl: Valentine&# 8230;

Royal residence draretningholm

Ferry arrived at 7:00 am. We slept perfectly, have breakfast and at 7:30 stayed from the terminal.

At this time, museums are still closed. We went to the summer residence of the Swedish kings in Dretnotngholm.

This is a suburb, but very close, distances there are not Moscow. Go for about 45 minutes. Tourists there was not at all.

We walked along the royal park three, the benefit of it was opened already at 8:00. Luxury park, everything is already green, blooming all kinds of trees that we have seen. In the park fountains, Chinese houses, Mongolian Tent (if not to know, never guess what it is made of metal), some labyrinths, fresh sea air (residence and park on the shore of the Boat Bath).

In the non-residential part of the Palace of tourists only in the summer. But it is not scary – the main atmosphere.

Exhibit the navigator so: Stokholm, DrottningHolmsvagen, 1. Parking there is free.

From the park we returned to the palace, went to the parking lot, but saw the police on motorcycles drove into the territory. Our smart Veroral suggested that since this case, probably, the king was going to go away. We decided to wait.

Indeed, after 10 minutes, left support washer, motorcyclists stood in front, and then left Rolls Royce with checkboxes. We were so close to the convoy that unwittingly waved royal couple – glass in their car nezatonirovany, and the queen waved back at us. Katya everything is captured in the photo. And no panic – the guards at the gate of the residence just smiled. Here’s a non-trivial case.

Djurgården – Museum Island

Around 10:00 we left Drottningholma in the center of Stockholm.

Almost all of the famous museums of the city in the summer Yurgordene people here very much, but in the end of April, almost no one was.


We primarily went to Junibacken (Unibacken) – Children’s Museum of the works of Astrid Lindgren.

Surprisingly, we liked it and.

Very unusual museum, where all the exhibits you can sit, lie down or to skip.

The museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00


  • Ticket for adults – 160 SEK (€ 15),
  • for children up to 15 years – 140 CZK (€ 13).

Vasa Museum

Then went to Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet).

Vasa – wreck, dragged from the seabed.

Also quite interesting museum, but without a tour is not all clear.

Open daily from 10:00 to 17:00.


  • entrance for adults with excursion in English – 150 kroons (€ 14),
  • children under 14 years – free of charge.

Museum of the North

We decided to go further and in the North Museum (Nordiska musset).

Stockholm - what to look between ferries from Turku

That is, indeed, a unique historic museum.

Log in children – is free, and adults – 100 SEK (€ 11), but it is necessary to take the our audio guide.

Yet the island has the group "ABBA" Museum and Technology Museum (Tehniska museet), but there we decided not to go to catch up to the departure of the ferry to visit more interesting places.

How to get to Djurgården on the navigator: Stokholm, Djurgardsvagen, 2.

All parking on the island – 10 CZK (€ 1) h. Better pay with coins, as a method of payment for some reason did not pass (and not only here).

The museums can be paid either by credit card and cash in euros or Swedish crowns. If you are paying in euros, the change will pass the Swedish krona.

Villa Carl Milles

At 14:00 we went to Millesgarden (Millesgarden).

We advised him how interesting and very nice place in Stockholm where all somehow did not carry tourists. And rightly so – it’s so well without them.

Millesgarden – is a villa of the sculptor Carl Milles, who zaveschal her city with all the sculptures, a museum.

The villa is beautifully situated on the beach, but it’s common words. For those who love the beautiful, it is necessary to go there. Area is not huge, tiring walk, but everything is so cozy.

After strolling through the territory of and around the house with a guide (there are guided tours in our), we had a bite in the museum café, enjoy a sea view, good coffee, but Kate still light white wine. I did not want to leave, but steam will not wait.

How to get to by car Millesgården:

enter into a navigator Lidingo, Karl Milles vag, 2. Exactly Lidingo, but not Stokholm – this is the closest suburb, but to go to him 20 minutes from the museum island. parking free.


  • entrance to the museum – 120 CZK (€ 11,5),
  • children – free of charge.

About 16:00 we went to the center, put the car in the parking terminal (5 CZK / € 0.5 per hour) and went for a walk in the middle. We had a little more than 3 hours at a time.

Central Stockholm

I love to dive into the atmosphere of the city, wandering the streets, looking around, what is called "catch species".

We climbed from the terminal to the observation deck Katarinavagen. It is very close to the terminal, only much higher. There’s a great view of the Old Town. This seemed to us a little, we decided to take the elevator to Katarinahissen, is 100 m from observation. From there one can see almost the whole city. Everything is free.

We came down and went to the oldest part of the city – Gamla Stan (Gamla Stan). It is a 10-minute walk from the bridge Katarinahissen. In Gamla Stan is the winter Royal Palace.

In the old part of the city is quite interesting, narrow streets, ancient buildings, souvenir shops. Gamla Stan, we all went around in 40 minutes.

From the Royal Palace 2 km stretches pedestrian shopping street, shumnenkaya, pestrenkaya. But we did not have the goal to go shopping, so we passed a little on it and turned to the Stockholm Town Hall, see the grave Yarla Birgera – The founder of Stockholm, the one who fought with Alexander Nevsky on the Church of the Lake.

Grave of the Birger Yarrow at the Town Hall

From there we returned to the island of Södermalm, to our terminal, looked at the moored hotels – Shipiki, walked around the island. This is the big and most part of Stockholm, where our merchants had once lived. There is a our square.

Having a car at hand, you can move around the city solely on it – a calm movement, small distances, almost no traffic jams, and roads, from the point of view of the organization’s organization, are very convenient.

All roads in the city and the city are free.

No public transport required. We put the car on a paid parking only a couple of times (on Yurgortenne and in the ferry terminal). 45 kroons (€ 4) came out in the amount, and one ticket to public transport would be in the same amount per person.

Rhubarb Pie – Food in Stockholm

We realized that Stockholm is not a gastronomic city.

Places where you can eat delicious, of course, but we were content with a snack in Millesgarden cafe, and a chic dinner was waiting for us on the ferry.

But one branded Swedish thing we tried – cake with rhubarb.

We assigned it in the bakery Bagery Petrus on SwedebogSgatan, 4b. It is said that it is there baked the most delicious pie. Indeed, the cake was very soulful, fresh and moderately sweet, plus a beautiful coffee to him. And it is not far from the terminal.

Everything turned out without fuss and very budget. They got an impression of the city as a whole, went to museums, in wonderful parks, walked around the old town, even met with the king and queen. We did not expect this, but it was very nice.

I advise you to take advantage of such a scheme if you are constrained in the means. The whole trip cost us on three at 32,000 rubles. This amount includes:

  • Gasoline in both directions (10 liters we fused in Finland);
  • Overnight in Peathanovka;
  • Insurance "Green Card" and medical insurance;
  • Auto-car on the viking line ferry in both sides with food;
  • Tickets for all museums, parking payment.

In the planned budget, we fit completely, and on tickets in the museums on the child also saved. But the pleasure got unforgettable.

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