Stockholm. Swedish capital

Stockholm – a picturesque town nestled in the islands. City will delight any tourist, because there is always something to do, from a quiet walk through the parks and streets to the cheerful and vibrant nightlife.

The historic city center – Gamla Stan, valued as a surviving example of a medieval building. Most of the buildings date back to the district XVII-XVIII centuries., although there are earlier instances.

In the district of Gamla Stan the most famous building is the Royal Family Palace, which is simply amazing for its size. Palace is the current residence of the royal family, but, nevertheless, open to show tourists. On the territory of the palace is also open for viewing Armouries. A changing of the guard every day passing nearby, is known worldwide for its entertainment.

Here it is located and unique buildings such as Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and the church Riddarholmskaya.

A must for visiting guests of the city can be called and the other famous museum the Swedish capital – Vasa. He is known by the fact that the central exhibit – sailboat XVII century. – the only preserved to this day in the world!

Stockholm. Swedish capital

Very interesting Skansen Museum. It is located on a vast territory and represents the country in miniature. Here it was brought house and manor with all Sweden, that allows you to get acquainted with the life of the Swedes, since the XVI century. The museum operated shops, workshops where workshops are held. All the staff dressed in costumes of the time, which is represented in the museum.

Young travelers will be impressed Junibacken Museum. This museum is dedicated to the heroes of Swedish fairy tales: Carlson, Pippi Longstocking, Mumiy Troll and others. Every day, theater performances are held here.

Another place that attracts tourists is Stockholm metro. It is famous for its unique design. All stations have their own style, and you can see ancient sculpture and contemporary art, and unusual reliefs, and underground grottoes and murmuring fountains.

Stockholm. Swedish capital

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