The Swedish capital, Stockholm, is not only the largest Scandinavian city, but also the most charming. In Stockholm itself lives about 1.6 million people, but despite this, the city remains calm and even, can be said, pastoral. His centuries-old alleys and squares are scattered throughout the archipelago of 14 islands, on which the city was built. Locals are very proud of the fact that it is possible to do sea fishing at least in the city center.

Stockholm residents incredibly care for the state of the environment, and they have something to take care: it can be said that the city by a third consists of water, by a third – from green space, by one third of buildings, and strikingly clean air, perhaps the most pure in the world. Deep breathing fresh air, are going to a picnic and go on a ferry in the direction of one of the parks of the city, where you will undoubtedly get to a free concert; Or go shopping into such areas as: Bliersgatan, where luxury European boutiques are located; Odenangatar, where antiques are mainly sold; As well as street drotnigsgathan, Harrgangan, Hotorget or Studen.

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Vaksholm fortress

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Palace DrotningHolm

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Stockholm: excursions and events

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Stockhtvmu sightseeing tour

Start your acquaintance with Stockholm with a sightseeing tour that we called «Korolevsky Stockholm». This is because the story, and the present city is associated with the royal dynasties. We will show you the city and tell a lot of interesting, including the history of Sweden and Stockholm and the events taking place now. During the excursion you will be on several islands where the city is located.
Kungsholmen, Royal Island – Administrative City Center. Here you will walk along the embankment of Lake Malaren, from where you will find an unforgettable view of the Knight’s island and the old town and visit the courtyard of the city hall in which the Nobel banquet passes.
Södermalm, South Island – the largest of Stockholm Islands. From the observation deck on the hill Söderchyden you will admire the unforgettable panorama of the city.
Gamla Stan, Old Town – The historic center of Stockholm. Here in the XIII century a protective tower was built «Three crowns» And the city was formed. In the old town you will be overlooked to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The Royal Palace is also here.
Yurgorten, the animal island – the former royal hunting grounds. This is one of the favorite sites of the residents of Stockholm. Here are the most popular museums in the city: Skansen, Wasa, Scandinavian Museum, Aquaria and Amusement Park.
On the mainland of the city you will see administrative and shopping centers of the city, the Political Center of Sweden, Opera, the Drama Theater, the Royal Garden (formerly cabbage garden), visit the most fashionable street of the city of Stradvegen, the diplomatic town, radio and television town, and much more.
Gamla Stan – Old city

Once at the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town, you will be transferred to the era of the Middle Ages, which perfectly gets along with the signs of our days – Many diverse shops and galleries, antique benches and cozy cafes. You will see the main church of the city – St. Nicholas Cathedral – Place of coronation of Swedish monarchs, Riddarhol Church – The burial place of kings and aristocrats, and of course the Royal Palace (the official residence of the Swedish King), which is regularly used for the receptions, state business visits, audiences and other ceremonies, and from which, at the end of our excursion you can observe the change of royal guard. In the Royal Palace, at your request, we can also organize a tour.
Excursions in Museums of Vasa and Skansen

Skansen – Raisinka Stockholm! This is the place of intersection of times and spaces, meetings of different generations and the living history of Sweden. This is the world’s first open-air museum in the very center of a big city where houses and buildings are collected from various ends of the country and whole production of the past, such as a glass factory or bakery. You will be among the village courtyards and quarters of different times, where you will meet people in the national clothes of the past years. And we tell you about Skanese and its inhabitants. Skansen – it is also a zoo where you can see wolves, bears, seals and other animals.
Vasa ship – the pride of the Swedish Navy. During this tour we will tell you a fascinating story about a ship that sank more than three hundred years ago, that was raised, and now in all its glory is one of the most popular museums in Scandinavia. You can also watch a movie in our on the ship lift and its restoration.

Country excursion to Drottningholm

The Royal Palace Drottningholm (in translation – Queen’s Island) was laid in 1662 and is currently (since 1981) is the residence of the royal family. Since 1991. The palace is part been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the tour you can visit the palace.
This palace with a magnificent park can be called «Versailles in miniature». For all its luxury is very homey palace, where among the many portraits of the Royal ladies you can see portraits of Tsar Nicholas II and Catherine the Great.
The palace looks at a baroque park where you can see the court theater Lovisa Ulrika (one of the oldest in the world, 1766.), Chinese pavilion, built by her husband Adolf Fredrik (mid-XVIII century) and painted genre scenes of Chinese life, and the so-called watchdog tent — exotic design.
Next to the baroque park is also located angiysky Park.
Tour of the old capital of Sweden: Sigtuna – Uppsala

Sigtuna (30 km from Stockholm) – the first capital of Sweden – a city founded in the late 11th century, when Sweden became the catalytic country. Here you can see the ruins of the church of the 11th century and the smallest town hall in Sweden, built in the 18th century. You will walk through the oldest street in Sweden and visit the very first brick church from the 13th century. Located on a rocky hill is pretty cool going down to the lake Mälaren, Sigtuna makes an unforgettable impression both its picturesque and remarkable monuments.
Uppsala (70 km from Stockholm) – one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia, and the second capital of Sweden. Here you can see the castle of Gustav Vasa (16th century) – founder of the first dynasty of modern Sweden, rune stone park – Vikings ancient writings, Linnaeus Garden – founder of the classification of plants, as well as ancient tombs of the 5th century. You will visit the Cathedral, built in the 13th century– the most important church in Sweden and the largest cathedral in Scandinavia. The city is known as the first university in Scandinavia, founded in 1477, which is currently the largest.
Kolmarden – safari park and zoo

Kolmården – the largest zoo in Scandinavia and all animals are given as much space as they need to feel healthy and free. Safari Park – the only one in Sweden. Here you can drive your own car among animals that are almost like in the wild. Here you can see lions, giraffes, ostriches, etc. In the park there is also a dolphinarium, where in front of you are the marine artists of the highest class.
Every year in Kolmordene born about 400 cubs! It says about many!
For those interested in the political life of Sweden

riksdag – Swedish Parliament. Parliament is the central legislative body Sweden. During the tour we will tell you about the state system of the country and how the government controlled. You walk through the corridors, look in kabinetyi working visit to the central plenary hall.
Town Hall – hence enjoin management g. Stockholm. You will visit the meeting room, wedding hall, and of course the Blue Hall, where the banquet in connection with the award of the Nobel Prizes and the Golden Hall, which is transformed into a dance for the participants of the Nobel banquet

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