Stockholm landmark: Riddarholman Church

Riddarholman Church is located in Stockholm on the island of the same name. The monastic medieval church is near the Royal Palace, until 1950, she was the tomb of Swedish monarchs.

The Riddarholmen monastery was founded by Franciscanian monks in 1270, the construction of the church began 10 years later. Initially, there was no tower prohibited by the Charter of the Order. In the middle of the XV century, the church was rebuilt: the third nave appeared on the south side, decorated with paintings, which were partially preserved to the present. In the XVI century, the Riddarholmen monastery was reconstructed: the tower was completed, and the inner decoration of the temple became more luxurious. In 1807, the church state was dissolved and until now in the monastery there are only memorial services and funerals.

Here are the burial of monarchs of Sweden, ranging from Gustav Adolf and ending with Gustav V, also buried Karl VIII and Magnus I. In the Church of the Riddarholman stored a meeting of the coat of arms of the cavalier Order of Serafimov. When the cavalier of this Order dies, the emblem of the deceased is hung in the church and in memory of it a whole hour calls in the bells.

The church has been reconstructed more than once, so its initial appearance has changed much
Built in the XIII century, the church is visible almost from any point of the city due to its tower

Stockholm Sightseeing Church of Riddarholman

Working hours: from May 15 to September 16 – 10.00-17.00; Closed from September 17 to May 14.

Ticket price: Adults 50 SEK; Students 25 SEK; Children under 18 years old.

How to get: Nearest Stop – RiddarHustomGet (Buses No. 3, 53)

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