Stockholm’s landmark: Adolf Square

Gustav Adolf Square is located in the center of Stockholm, on the shores of Norrestrea, opposite the Old Town. You can get here through the Norrbru Bridge.

The area was named after the most revered King of Sweden Adolf II Gustav, in which the country became one of the strongest European nautical powers. On the square there are fountain and the city market, near the royal maple grove. One of the attractions is a bronze globe on which a griffin with two fun trolls is sits.

Among the most significant monuments located on the square, you can allocate Rosenbad. This building built in Modern style in 1902 on the project of Ferdinand Boberg, got its name in honor of the bath, previously located in the same place. Rosenbad translates as "Pink baths", Since the happy visitors of this institution were offered baths with rose and daisy petals. Now here is the Office and Residence Prime Minister Sweden.

In the center of the square is the bronze sculpture of King Gustav II Adolf. The monument was set at the end of the XVIII century, when the square was already his name. This equestrian statue of the Pierre L’our project was supplemented by the figure of the Axel Chancellor Oxsenzherne – the collateral of the famous king, which did for the prosperity of Sweden at no less than the monarch himself.

Stockholm Sightsee Adolf Square

Another architectural dominant area is the magnificent building of the Royal Opera, made in the style of classicism. It was built in 1782 on the project of the architect Axel Anderberg. The first opera pipe troupe in Sweden was created by order of King Gustav III.

View of the building of the Royal Opera Stockholm

How to get: Stop Gustav Adolfs Torg (buses No. 43, 68, 65), Pier Stockholm Strömkajen (ferries №№ 4, 13)

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