Stockholm in August

Every time visiting Stockholm, amazed that I’m not all there yet looked and there still have things to do. And of course Stockholm – stunningly beautiful city, and paint the northern nature can not convey no camera.

This time I decided to visit Millesgården (Millesg&# 229; rden). And one of the antediluvian books of the fifties, which we did Irina Yanovna (A teaching her method, by the way, was that to memorize all the books at once, which, however, was not unreasonable) were black-and-white photos of giant hand sculpture and pop into the garden of a certain Carl Milles. For years I was convinced that Millesgården – it’s a terrible place, which contains nightmarish sculptures in the style of Socialist Realism.

That was until my eyes were caught here are photos of this fashionable blog: / emmasmode /

And I decided that I really fancy a blogger would not be photographed in a terrible place, and decided to go there.

Millesgården is a 20 minutes drive from Central – Central Station. You need to take the metro to Ropsten, and then one stop on the bus and go to Torgvik on arrows. All information is on the website: www.millesgarden.SE /

Will be in Stockholm – visit Millesgården. you will not regret it. This whimsical toy of the houses, courtyards, galleries and fountains, wrought himself a collector and sculptor Carl Milles and his wife, artist Olga. Millesgården so far from Ikea and paintings Larsson as possible. The atmosphere is elegant taste. Inspiration wife drew in Austria, Italy, Greece. All breathes antiquity and refinement, despite the fact that many of the sculptures are absolutely up to date. Landscaping Millesgården staggering. A view from the hill on which the museum is located, is worth.

And all of these multi-tiered gardens with fountains and sculptures and the marvelous beauty of flowers. In Millesgenne, everyone will find a favorite corner. Someone will like the pharmaceutical garden – a garden with spicy herbs behind the house of the artist, someone – the courtyard Little Austria, someone Museum shop with miniature earrings in the form of horses from Dalarna and posses with pictures of famous Swedish artists. You can have a snack in a restaurant with a veranda.

After examining Millesgore, I returned back to the city, but I went to Carlaplan to visit the shopping center next to the subway. There my suspicions were justified. In the central stores in the Rea-Sale section – there is almost nothing. Either did not hang, hoping that tourists will bulk a new collection, or hung and tourists were all already open. In the other same shopping centers away from tourist routes of hangers with the inscription Rea nicely make eyes with a variety of discount products.

Having passed through Estermalm and glance at the Museum of Music, the Army Museum and the Estermalm Market (&# 214; Stermalm Saluhall), I went on Bibilioteksgatan – Butikov Street, where the spring brand COS store opened (WWW.cosstores.COM) – Single Swedish Karen Millen, where, according to a familiar, you can decently dress for interview for good work. The hosts of the brand – the wrong H&M have been a very smart marketing stroke.

Despite the fact that the Swedish brand, they did not open a boutique in Stockholm for a long time, pleaseing the store in London and a couple more cities. And you need to say that the Swedes love London. Most of the Swedes living abroad live in London. Visiting "Continent" (So ​​the Swedes call trips to Europe, although England, strictly speaking, is the island, and Sweden is located in Europe), the Swedes were slaughtered in COS and, squeal from delight, returned home, where they told everyone how cool and fashionable.

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Perezing in Kajsas Fisk – My favorite fish restaurant on in H&# 246; Torg Saluhall with an old friend – I decided to dedicate to Centralbakes evening (centralbadet, www.CentralBadet.SE /) – The oldest baths in Stockholm, where they loved to spend the time of mistress Ingmar Bergman. And not only they. I have long dreamed of visiting there, for I love to swim and get it up, but they were for a long time for reconstructions and only recently opened again to the public.

Those who have been in vintage baths, for example, in Budapest, know how beautiful it. And I especially pleased how the reconstruction was taken carefully. Everything looks as if he is a hundred years, and at the same time he is in excellent condition. Every detail of the interior is worth paying attention. I especially liked the sinks with flowers in the women’s dressing room and the fact that they retained the old booths with curtains around the pool, although they no longer use them – they give the place to flavor. In the pool, I swam alone under relaxing music, admiring the ceiling decor, because the Swedes sat down in the saunas (their two – wet and dry) and lay down in the baths (not a jacuzzi, which joke there was lying there – I did not understand).

Through panoramic windows overlooking the garden, it was possible to look at the night in Stockholm. If you wish, you can visit the relax bar, but I have a solid relaxation without it. The only inconvenience – in the sauna you can only without swimsuit. The nameplate on the wall promises the violent conclusion of anyone who dared to break these rules. Centralbakes is right on drotnican and recommended old lovers. The same who wants banner entertainment, advise modern and new pure. www.StureBadet.SE /.

Well, for the last arrival in Stockholm, I visited Rixdag – Swedish Parliament with an excursion. Now a list of Parliaments I visited – Duma and Reichstag – replenished with another one. But this, I think, I wonder only me. And we all looked at the ship in Drotningholm – Country Castle, where the royal couple and the crown princess with her husband live.

So I first saw the front view of the palace opening on the lake. When you come by bus, you usually approach the side, and you walk in the park at the park. While we were on the boat, the princess was probably celebrated in the castle: the heir to the Swedish throne should be born in March. All week, while I was on courses, a culture festival was held in Stockholm. This free festival on the streets and towns of the city is satisfied with the Stockholm municipality. This time the theme was Norway. Maybe in solidarity with stronal-screech after tragic events in Oslo and on the island of Utina, and maybe it was planned in advance.

Anyway, on the days of the festival, Norwegian films could be seen, visit the lectures, hear music, go on a tour of the city and master the new craft. And all this is completely free. We visited the concert of Norwegian Mood, where Alexander Rybak appeared in addition to others. Perfectly, he performed his fairytale, throwing the audience something like "What would you say then that I didn’t play her". And then with a much bigger feeling performed songs from his recent album in Swedish. www.YouTube.COM / Watch?V = O-BUKG1EH3M&Feature = related

Album I bought. Here this song about the cat just conquered me. And there is one about Katharina, which is also nice. Song author – Swedish composer Mats Paulson. After the concert, the fisherman gave autographs in the tent. Big excitement was not observed and I decided to try happiness. In Moscow, I hardly have such an opportunity (without a VIP ticket for his concert). Alexander Rybak turned out to be a very pretty and cute young man in reality. He spoke with everyone, photographed and joked. And on the disk wrote in our "Kate from Sasha". In general, everything was very cute.

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