Stockholm – Handsome Has Water

If someone wants to describe Stockholm in several words, they will probably be such: beautiful, clean and safe.

About the beauty of this city say everything. Stockholm is located on 14 islands and, no doubt, is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Magnificent buildings alternate with green oases, water and bridges. You can swim and fish in the very center of Stockholm. How many major cities can boast something like that?

In the city itself and in its immediate vicinity there are huge territories of untouched nature – forests, rivers, meadows. Here is the world’s first National City Park – Royal Ecological Park. Streets and parks of the city are distinguished by amazing cleanliness. Stockholm set himself an ambitious task – by 1998, when he was proclaimed by the cultural capital of Europe, it is also the cleanest city in Europe.

Those who want to see the city from water can buy at the tour desk in Sweden’s house near Kungstredgorden Tickets for walking boats. Here are the trips to Stockholm Schhers. The schoher fleet consists of modern high-speed vessels, as well as ancient steamboats, perfectly preserved the style of past times. The exciting beauty of Schcher with thousands of small islands and reefs acts soothing and raises the mood even to the most oppressed person.

The island, where the Old Town is located – the historic core of Stockholm, connects with the northern quarters of the Hormalma five bridges; Two of them intersect Helgeandsholmen Island (Island of the Holy Spirit). Has this island is the Rixdag building. During the construction of garages for members of parliament, elements of the medieval fortress wall and other findings telling about the city of the city were discovered here. Then it was decided instead of garages to open the Underground Museum of the Middle Ages with the most interesting exposition.

HA Studscholmen preserved medieval layout and building development. You can walk along the streets where the access is closed by auto transport, and in imagination to be transferred to the Middle Ages.

Stockholm - Handsome Has Water

The majestic building of the Royal Palace was rebuilt after the fire in 1754. The halls of the palace are taped with tapestries, porcelain stuck and decorated with paintings of baroque periods and Rococo. The attention of tourists attracts a daily change of Karaul with the participation of various divisions with the whole country. Currently, the palace is used only as the working residence of the king, and the royal family lives in the palace of Drochnyngholm, located west of the city center.

One of the main attractions of Stockholm – a museum ship "Vasa". Former Gustav II Adolf "Vasa" drowned in 1628 right in the harbor during his first navigation. After long searches, the ship found in 1956 and raised from the bottom in 1961. Since 1990, a well-retained ship has occupied the place-like place on the pier in the city center.

The attention of tourists invariably attracts "Skansen" – Open-air Museum with extensive exposition of old rural buildings and utensils, Open in 1891. His organizers were guided by the desire to preserve the Patriarchal Sweden at least in the museum form in the face of radical changes that industrialization carried with them. In the exhibition, which presents the old buildings on the village and in the city, shows the development of the culture of Sweden for several centuries.

Many guests of Stockholm are pleased to note that local levels turns around shopping in real pleasure. The longest chain of stores stretching from Plaza Hetoret to the Old Town, across from Drotninggatan and hamngatan, Kungsgatan and Biblioteksgatan to Styureplan Square. Usually shops work with 10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays and 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturdays. Many shops are also open on Sunday.

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