Stockholm gives children the joy of discoveries

Although the current winter is more like a slushful early spring and admire the snow-covered Stockholm will not work, nevertheless, being in those parts, it is not worth spending time on mileage on shopping centers.

A couple of days in Stockholm can be devoted to the local Museums, which completely destroy the myth about the museum boredom.

Literally in the very center of the city there is a fabulous house of Unibakken, in which the fabulous world of the world famous Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren is recreated. Children can play the kid’s room, take part in baking buns with cinnamon and go on a toy train to the world of Heroes Lindgren.

Unibakken and Vasa

Multicolored houses are tiny, and only the smallest visitors can get into them. Parents stayed to admire the familiar and favorite fabulous world only through the window. Here he is, the very rarest case when adults remain on the periphery of events!

You can translate the spirit, located in front of the theater scene, on which fragments of books telling, for example, about Carlson’s adventures, which lives on the roof.

All Junibacken game rooms are thought out to the last detail, nothing is missed and not ignored. For example, in the corridor of visitors, the impressive bookshelf, which has and "Oliver Twist", and "Robinson Crusoe". Upon closer examination, it turns out that this is not a bookcase, and the wardrobe: jackets and coats are stored for book covers.

Next to Unibacken The attention of tourists attracts a pretty unusual architecture building. This is the museum of the world in the world’s preserved Warship of the XVII century VASA. The vessel, with unexplained circumstances, sunken in the marine underfloidence in 1628, was raised from the Sea DNA in the 60s of the last century and put up for everyone.

In the Vasa Museum, duskaya and cool – it may not like to visitors, however, for a long-suffering antique ship, such conditions are vital. The vessel can be seen from all sides and in all sorts of angles, but to get to his board, for obvious reasons, it is impossible.

In the halls of the museum, copies of the ship’s cabins are presented, where sailors are fussing, and the aristocrats in luxurious clothes are walking along the deck. You can also see about a half-hour film about the work on the lifting and restoration of VASA.

Museum on the Scalah

Another landmark of Stockholm is located on the shores of Lake Virtanthi in the Scalah Hersridi. We are talking about housing and the workshop of the four sculptors of Karl and Olga Milles. At high rocky ledges among slim pines, Karl Milles sculptures were installed, created mainly by biblical plots.

Stockholm gives children the joy of discoveries

As the guide explains, the museum premises can be rented for various events. Immediately in the music salon offer to listen to the concert for the home organ. Artists can work in the workshop of Karl Milles.

The garden spread around the house is immersed in winter sleep, silent and its fountains. Walking along the paths, catch yourself thinking that I really want to see this beauty in all of her magnificence, and give yourself the word will certainly come back here in the summer.

There are past and modernity – from here, from the cliffs you can admire the high-altitude buildings of Stockholm and watching huge ships from all over the world.

Museum of Unibakken

Children under 2 years old – free
Children 3-15 years old – 95 Swedish crowns
Students, students and retirees – 95 Swedish crowns
Adults – 110 Swedish Crop

Museum Vasa

Children under 17 years old – free
Students with ISIC card – 40 Swedish crowns
Adults – 80 Swedish crowns

Stockholm gives children the joy of discoveries

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