Stockholm – City Tale

Stockholm is "City on water", "City between bridges", "City on the island".
Stockholm – Unusual City.

Initially, Stockholm is located on a not big island Stadsholman. It was in a distant 1252.
And today is not a big island – this is the historic center of Stockholm. This quarter is vintage narrow streets with medieval buildings surrounding the impressive royal palace and a large church, and long bridges, percked through the channels to neighboring quarters.

The very small island of Riddarholm is closer all connected to the old town. The island is proud of the brilliance of his past and elegant architectural buildings. The whole island is built up with luxury nobility mansions, in which local aristocratic families lived with centuries.
Home Value on the island – Church (Riddarholmskyrkan) – Tomb of outstanding Swedish commander, nobility and, of course, the Swedish kings.

Stockholm - City Tale

Another little island is not far from the Old Town – this is Schppsholmen. From the 17th century on this island were the military bases of the Swedish Sea Fleet, whose testimony is still the preserved structures, intended in the past for the arsenals and ships, mooring to the wins.

And in the oldest city (Gamla Stan) attracts the attention of narrow ancient streets. In those days, when Stockholm was a flowing port and a shopping center, closely connected with Hanseatic cities, the streets of Gamla Still were filled with sailors, port workers and loaders – the familiar visitors of hundreds of taverns in which various kinds of transactions were held.

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