Stockholm – city on the islands

From the moment of that mumbling visit to the Swedish capital, quite a long time passed, but so far I have never managed to go back and fill this gap of your travelery biography. In many ways, it happened due to the not the easiest transport relationship between Stockholm and Petersburg, which, however, changed noticeably over the past year. Thus, today there are following Ways to get to the capital of Sweden.

For residents of most regions of Russia, the only optimal option is the aircraft: direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg or connected through various cities in Europe. But several routes are offered to the inhabitants of the Northern Capital:

– The most common bus to the Finnish cities of Helsinki or Turku, and then Ferours of Tallinksilja Line or Viking Line straight in Stockholm. An alternative can be a bus relocation to Tallinn and further also water crossing. Budget option, but rather long and tedious.

– A little faster it will turn out to combine a bus with an airplane. For example, now the airline Ryanair offers Tallinn to Stockholm to New Year and back at 36 euros with everyone (. ) fees. And for the Last Year’s Day and is less – 30 euros for there and back. However, the sake of fairness should be noted that the airflower does not fly to the main airport of Stockholm "Arlanda", and in the more distant from the city of Skavsta, which can somewhat express the final cost of travel.

– Recently, a water route with departure right from St. Petersburg – Ferry "Princess Anastasia" of ST.Peterline, who used to directly connected the city on the Neva with the Swedish capital. Now, on the way "There", the vessel comes at Tallinn or Helsinki, but back once a week walks straight from Stockholm to St. Petersburg. True, this path takes about 24 hours, which, you see, not enough.

– And finally, the most convenient and fastest way to get to the Swedish capital is the aircraft, a ticket to which, however, is at all arrogant: something about 5-6 thousand (back) for the flight for a little more than an hour. And good sales in this direction, I could not wait. Actually, because still not returned to Stockholm (

Suppose we decided on the route. Now you can search for accommodation, though.. No, let’s look at one Swedish feature first, namely currency! The fact is that Scandinavia is not very fond of the euro adopted in most European countries and prefer to use their national currency. In Sweden – a crown, abbreviated SEK, while the rate it is that for one crown you get around 4.6-4.7 rubles.

Recommending how to understand local prices, now you can think About booking housing. However, I confess that here I can not be a good adviser, since I have never spent the night in Stockholm. Therefore, I had to call friends who had happiness to spend a little more time in the Swedish capital than I. Below I will give a couple of recommendations from travelers Olga and Andrei regarding accommodation in Stockholm:

Hotel Rica Kungsgatan (BOOK on special offer in the Viking Line cruise package)
Olga review (2007): The historic building of the main department store PUB. The room was very cozy and comfortable, with tea set (kettle, tea, coffee in bags) and hairdryer. Reception Welcome and Helpful! The lobby of the hotel stood a piano, even the live music was even playing. There were also a bar and restaurant. Greater breakfast. From the terminal Viking Line on foot for about 30 or 10 minutes by bus. Near the hotel there is a central metro station T-Central.

Hotel Scandic Sj?FartShototellet (booked in a profitable tourpacker Finland-Sweden)
Olga review (2008): Hotel 5 minutes from the Old Town. Enters cruise bags like Viking Line and Tallinksilja Line. At that time was 3 *, now on the site is positioned as 4 *. Cozy, rooms are rustic, but comfortable. On each floor there is a cooler. Breakfast – buffet, very good and diverse.

Hostel Best Hostel Old Town Skeppsbron (Booked through Booking.COM)
Feedback Andrei (2011): Hostel is located in the center of the Old Town. Everything is very clean, convenience on the floor, but there are many more. There is a kitchen, where you can get coffee, tea and even pasta in unlimited quantities. There are many artists in the hostel, and something like art center works in the kitchen. The Internet worked not very well, but it was possible to use computers for free and unlimited, that they are in the corridor, there are many there. On the reception we were given free SIM cards. The balance on them, of course, zero, but you can receive incoming calls and refill the account in the shop of cellular communication and, if desired, by the very call somewhere.

Even if your visit to the Swedish capital will be as short as mine, you can hardly avoid "communication" with System of Stockholm transport, which is represented by buses, trams, suburban electricians, a breathtaking metro (but a little later), as well as some ferry crossings (for example, on the museum island of Yurgorten).

All Stockholm is divided into three transport zones: a, in and with. However, most travelers are limited to the central part of the city, that is, the zone A. To move on it, you will be suitable Types of uniform tickets (on all types of public transport):

Single Ticket, valid for 1 hour from the date of composting with an unlimited number of transfers. The cost of such a ticket is 36 crowns in advance and 44 crowns when buying in transport, taking into account the benefits * – 20 and 28 kroons, respectively.

Coupon Zone Ticket – an analogue of a one-time ticket consisting of two coupons, each of which costs 18 crowns when buying in advance or 22 crowns – in transport, preferential prices * – 10 and 14 kroons, respectively.

Strip of 16 Coupons – Wholesale purchase in the form of a set of 16 coupons, composting which 2 pieces, you get the right to the clockwork, as well as according to a standard disposable ticket. If necessary, call the adjacent transport area simply use an additional coupon. Cost of strips of 16 coupons – 200 CZK for all and 120 for beneficiaries *.

SL Access Card – Plastic cards that can be magnified by a ticket for 24 or 72 hours. The cost of plastic – 20 crowns, plus the ticket itself is paid – 115/70 kroons for 24 hours and 230/140 kroons for 72 hours (first price – standard, second – preferential *). Direct starts its action since the first trip on it. And the card itself you can use for 6 years during your following visits to Stockholm or transfer to friends who are only planning a trip to the capital of Sweden.

*Travel Benefits Passengers are available under 20 years or older than 65. Children under 7 years old accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket can use public transport without payment. On weekends and public holidays for children under 12 years old, travel is also free, provided that they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket, and no more than 6 small passengers are accompanied by one adult. This rule is valid from 12 o’clock on Friday and throughout all weekends, as well as from midnight day of the preceding holiday until the end of the festive day. For more information about grace time for children is written here.

Travel SL Access card punched on special electronic devices at the entrance to the land transport or when passing through the turnstiles in the subway. Paper tickets should be given "at the mercy" of underground worker, who sits in a booth at the first turnstile (about how we, in Russia), and the rest of the transport – to show the driver or conductor. Enter the buses and trams can be only through the first door.

Purchase tickets Stockholm’s public transport in several ways:

– Disposable travel sold by a supervisor near the turnstiles in the subway and in land transport (except buses!). However, these tickets will cost more than the whole.

– To purchase tickets or conventional magnetization SL Access card, you can use the ticket machines (in the subway, on land transport stops and train / station), they take both cash and credit cards.

– All types of travel, including the maps themselves SL Access card, sold in branches of transport and information «SL-Center» (at the Central station and several subway stations), on suburban w / d stations, newspaper kiosks «Pressbyran», and in different stores, the blue-sign «SL».

To-date information about all types of tickets can be found in the relevant section of the official website of the Stockholm public transport (in English) or in a special booklet (in our). In addition, I recommend to take advantage of a convenient trip planner, which is also located at the transport site of the Swedish capital. If you are accustomed to using a paper schedule, it can be obtained free of charge at any branch of the SL-Center, as well as at railway stations and on buses.

For those who want not only to ride in Stockholm by public transport, but also to visit the great museums of the Swedish capital, better use special card Stockholm Card, whose analogs exist in other major cities in Europe. However, it was in Sweden that such a system was used by one of the first!

Stockholm Card will allow you for free:

– Visit 80 museums and attractions of the city;
– It is unlimited to ride public transport (subway, buses, suburban electricians, trams and ferries to the museum island of Yurgorten);
– around the clock use Hop-On Hop-off excursion ferries (only in summer);
– Visit a water excursion Historical Stockholm (only in summer);
– And also to participate in the cycling excursion Stockholm Adventures (in English, only in the summer).

Besides, Owners Stockholm Card receive discounts:

– For three bus tours: Panorama Stockholm, Open Top Tours and a review tour of the city (from NJ Travels);
– on a water excursion by the Royal Channel;
– And on the shift trip to the DrotningHolm Palace.

Read more about all these joys on the Stockholm Travel Bureau website.

Stockholm Card vary By time of action and by age of its users:

– Map for 1 day: 425 crowns per adult and 195 crowns on a child;
– Map for 2 days: 550 and 225 crowns per adult and on a child, respectively;
– 3 day card: 650 kroons for adults and 245 crowns and for children;
– Map for 5 days: 895 crowns per adult and 285 crowns on a child.

Children in this case are considered young travelers from 7 to 17 years old, but their cards will be valid only when buying an adult Stockholm Card. On one adult can be sold to three children’s cards.

Stockholm Card is activated At the time of the first use (in transport or at the entrance to the museum), when the date and time is printed on it. The card is nomable, and therefore cannot be transferred to other people. In addition, before activation on the map you need to write the name and surname of the owner. When using Stockholm Card in buses and trams, it must be submitted at the entrance to the driver, in the subway – an employee in the booth, and in museums – just a turnstile)

Purchase Stockholm Card You can both through the Internet on the website of the Tourist Bureau of the Swedish Capital and official agents in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Being already in Stockholm, go beyond the card to the NJ Travels office on the main square of the Old Town. By the way, about the old town and not only about it!

Stockholm: Must Visit

The main attraction of Stockholm is he himself, or rather The oldest part of Hamla Stan (Gamla Stan), cozy with three small islands, from all sides of the Baltic Cold Waters.

The largest and most interesting of the three islands – Stadsholman (Stadsholmen), from him and began the construction of the city in the distant 1252 year. Generally Gamla Stan, and with him is the island of Stadsholmen, is one of the most well-preserved centers of medieval European cities. And when you get there, you can personally make sure!

First of all, in the heart of the island, find The main square is Sturriet (Stortorget) with a couple of charming houses that have long become a unwashed symbol of the city. Here, on the square, you can detect a fun Monument to the famous Swedish composer and performer Everte Taube. By the way, we will then meet him while walking in Stockholm!

Charming houses on the square Store
Photo Made by my mom

Continue your route around the city by The oldest street Stockholm – Chepmangatan (K?PMANGATAN), which starts just on the main square. However, it will be more interesting to leave the storm Miniature Lane Morten Trocgs Grand (M?Rten Trotzigs GR?nd). At some cut, its width reaches 90 centimeters, so the alley proudly wears the title of the narrow street Stockholm. During an excursion to the old town, we were told by a bike about what exactly 90 centimeters was equal to the spear of the knight. Therefore, the alley made such a width so that the brave Swedish warr could unhindered around him on his horse with a spear in his hands. Beautiful story, however, I could not find confirmation)

The narrowest street Stockholm – Lane M?Rten Trotzigs GR?ND
Photo Made by my mom

Other important arteries of the old city Are the Western and Eastern streets divergers in different sides: Westonggan (V?Sterl?Nggatan) and Esteroniggant (?Sterl?Nggatan) on which there are many souvenir shops and benches with funny shop windows. Walking on Western Street You will not be able to pass by German church Tuskachyurkan (TYSKA KYRKAN) with a magnificent green spire, magnifier-rising above the old town. It is also worth reaching Chief Cathedral of Stockholm Sturchyurkan (Storkyrkan).

Stockholm - city on the islands

German church Tyska Kyrkan
Photo with Flickr.Com

And now you are already near Royal Palace (Kungliga SlotTet), one of the largest operating palaces in the world with more than 600 halls. But, in my opinion, this place is more interesting to others: Every day, exactly at noon on a semicircular palace area, a real performance unfolds, modestly cognizable change of honor guard. In addition to the very guard itself, the Military Orchestra is also involved in the "play", and even equestrian troupe of artists is invited for especially important speeches!

It seems to be all the most interesting on the oldsholmen, although … Wait-ka! I completely forgot to tell about The most charming, most touching and, probably, the smallest sculpture in the world. And it is here here, in the oldest part of Stockholm, in the courtyard of the Finnish Church (FINSKA KYRKAN) at Slottsbacken 2. Sculpture is called Iron Boy (J?RNPOJKE), although there is another, more funny (and official!) Title – boy looking at the moon. It is believed that in order to fulfill its most cherished desire, you need to stroke the boy on the head and leave a coin next to him. This ritual must commit all travelers who found a little boy in Great Stockholm. But the locals come more wisely and at the same time madly touching – every winter of a boy dress up in fashionable hat and scarf))

Wardrobe Stockholm Iron Boy
Stock Foto Taken with Flickr.COM, GGPHT.COM, Wikimedia.ORG and BLOGSPOT.Com

Well, now everything is exactly with the Stadsholmen. Next, go on Neighboring island, tiny Riddarholman (Riddarholmen) that translated into our means "Knight’s Island". Here is also the same Riddarholmschürkan (Riddarholmskyrkan), which I call just "Church with lace spire". By the way, it is considered one of the oldest buildings of Stockholm and dates back to the 13th century!

Church with lace spire – Riddarholmskyrkan
Photo with blog.Otel.Com

Another important attraction of the Knight’s island, in my opinion, is another Original sculpture of Evert Taube, with whom we have already met on the main square of the city. During the excursion, this figure was presented to us as a "man with lute" and only then I learned that this "man" is a famous Swedish composer and performer, although the lute was said absolutely correctly)

Evert Tauba in the role of a man with lute
Photo Made by my mom

Right "across the road" from Ridderkholman, more precisely through the Strait of Riddarfjordan (Riddarfj?RDEN), settled Main building Stockholm – City Hall (StadshUSET). Here I advise at least to look into the cozy cozy yard, and how maximum is to rise to the 106th-meter tower and admire the beautiful panorama of the city (the rise is possible from May to September, read more detail on the link).

Now it is time for the second largest and possibly the first in the saturation of the Island of Stockholm – Museum Island Yurgorden (Djurg?RDEN)! And you can also get to it! One way is a special ferry, departing from the pier Slussen, that on the southern shore of the island of Stadsholman. Another, no less original – an old tram under the number "7n", the line of which stretched 10 stops: from the business center of Stockholm (NorrMalmstorg) on ​​the embankment (Strandvagen) and further to Yurgortden Island. On both types of transport there are electronic travel SL Access Card, in the tram you can also drive along ordinary paper tickets, and you will pay for the steam at the box office on the jet.

The most famous on Yurgortenne, of course, is Museum of the Vasa ship (Vasamuseet). The story of this ship is just as tragic, how much and short. "VASE" was destined to become "Titanic" of his time: the same gorgeous, as huge, the same expensive and … Unweight. His first swimming, it is the last, took place in August 1628. It seemed that all Stockholm came to admire the new flagship of the Royal Fleet. However, barely coming out of the port, in front of the whole city, a beautiful ship in a few minutes plunged on the bottom, having taken with him the lives of all crew members. According to one version of "Vasa", he overturned due to returns after the cannonal salts, on the other – all the wind was to blame. But, one way or another, the ship sank and spent under water long 333 years. After that, it was raised to the surface, restored and now it can be examined from all sides, passing by the four floors of the museum that bears the name of the legendary ship.

Stockholm "Titanic" – Vasa ship
Photo with Corbis.Com

Another celebrity of Yurgorden – Museum Astrid Lindgren or Yunibaken (Junibacken). I will say to you honestly: this museum is still my unfulfilled baby dream, which I still want to carry out even in my current not very childhood)) Unibacin is the magic world of the heroes of Astrid Lindgren, the most famous of which in Russia became Carlson and Peppy Long Stocking. Museum consists of several parts. The first is called a fairy tale area: there are houses of all the most beloved children’s characters. After that, visitors are invited to take the train and go to a fascinating journey through the scenes from the books of the Swedish writer. For example, to drive over the roofs of Stockholm and get straight into the house of Carlson, where full of all sorts of all sorts) During the trip, you can listen to an audio excursion including in our. And finally, the most long-awaited is a trip to the Peppi Long stocking on her famous villa "TopMaxes"! In fact, all this holiday of life is designed, of course, more for children than for such a Great age and uncle, as we are with you. But on the other hand, we, too, were once small, only in our childhood and there were no such cool museums in our country, so I think no one would be offended if we would have a little having. The main thing is to observe the measure in everything)

Panorama of the museum of Unibacken
Photo with traveling4kids.Ru

That Villa Peppi Long Stocking
Photo with blogspot.Com

And finally, the last in my rating of interesting museums Yurgorden – Swedish National Open Sky Museum "Skansen" (Skansen), which is more like a park, and with the zoo elements. This museum is often called "Sweden in miniature" and this is true: on the huge territory of Scansen, a whole old city with residential buildings, craft, workshops, bakeries, a wooden church, a courtyard, and the streets and main square. In addition to the Swedish life, you can see local animals here: Bear, Elk, Lynx and many others.

Improvised street in the Skansen Museum
Photos from Vokrugsveta.Ru

Now let’s leave the museum island and go to explore the Swedish capital in more unusual ways. The first is the subway. Stockholm "Subway" It is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world and, in my opinion, it may well fight for the first place with Moscow or St. Petersburg subway. However, the Swedish underground design is very different from what can be seen in Russia, so I would recommend going to the "lower tier" of Stockholm, I would recommend residents of all countries without exception!

Variations on the topic of the design of the Stockholm subway
Photo with Flickr.Com

Well, and the second, more traditional way to inspect Stockholm is Walking on a water tramE or at least moving to ferry from one island to another. Everyone knows that any island city needs to be inspected not only with sushi, but also from water, so choose one of the many pleasure boats and go to a small Swedish swimming!

This is the "Minimum" program for Stockholm, which on my calculations can be followed in 2-3 days. But the program "Maximum" is quite well represented on the our-speaking version of the site Visitstockholm.Com.

However, even falling in love with Stockholm on the most tips of the ears, it is impossible to forget that Sweden is not limited to only its beautiful capital. About what else can be visited in this amazing Scandinavian country, we will talk next time with my guest. But it will be a surprise, so wait, guess and, of course, do not forget to travel! See you!

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