Stirling Castle has become the best tourist destination

In the UK, the most popular landmark of the country was chosen. The traditional survey was conducted among the Britons who had to specify any object that they like, where they visited at least once over the past two years. Among the selection criteria were not only beauty or historical significance, but also the service, as well as the ratio of the price of the ticket and quality of service.

This time, the List of UK cultural and historical heritage was headed by the Scottish Stirling Castle, built at the beginning of the XII century. In Scotland many beautiful places including Castles photo which will be recognized worldwide, and stirring – a real pearl of this country. The medieval castle, considered the tribal estate of stearts, was built on the top of the rocky mountain and is one of the most impregnable buildings of Great Britain. Many monarchs were crowned here, including Maria Stewart, whose ghost, according to legend, and today appears on the fortress walls.

Stirling Castle has become the best tourist destination

Vintage castle witnessed many important events in the history of Scotland. In 1297, he was conquered by William a braveheart, in 1543 it was here that I was built on the throne of Maria Stewart, and in 1746 he was raised several times the troops of Prince Charlie, who fastened for the British throne.

Now the historical museum is opened in Stirling. There are constantly many tourists in the castle, they all consider the residence of Stuarts one of the best places to relax. In the ranking compiled by Which Travel, Stirling overtook even such world famous sights of Great Britain as Tower and Parliament Building.

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