Still virgin land

Until 1951, Nepal was for Europeans closed world. Today, the only Hindu kingdom is open to anyone who is ready to perceive his beauty and mysterious rites, Nepalese shrines, unfamiliar gods. This is the birthplace of the Buddha, the place where Multi-Shiva, who launched the universe rotation with his sacred dance, went down from cosmic heights.

Of the 14 existing eight thousand peaks 8 are in Nepal. Including Everest (as you know, 8.848 meters above sea level). No one invites you to climb on top, but you can fly it on a helicopter or plane – the pleasure is rare, and the real.

Ridge from the highest peaks can be observed from a distance of 40 kilometers from Pokhara Town. If you get out at dawn onto the balcony, you will see how the giant mountains are brightened, gaining more clear outlines under emerging sunshines, turning from gray-blue into snow-white, later Pink in the rays of the rising sun. Without having been there, you will not believe that the paints on the canvases are not invented by Roerich, that such beauty exists in the living world.

Nepalese Culture – Live. Antiquity around – not scenery, but a living story. The amazing beauty of the temples are ascetic inside and exquisitely decorated outside. Before entrance – a crowd of people celebrating another holiday. It seems that this destroyed eternity, as long as she is not erased completely from the face of the earth, it is urgent to save, protect against mortal encroachment.

Still virgin land

As for Nature Nepal, then to evaluate it, it is necessary to get at least a couple of days in one of the Nepal National Parks, of which the most famous – Chitwan National Park. Invisible in our latitudes of birds and animals who are watching by traveling along the jungle riding on an elephant (not scary and nice), overnight in comfortable bungalows right on the territory of the reserve, and then alloy on one of the mountain rivers on the raft (called "Adventure on white water") – and the picture will be complete.

In Kathmandu, if you are lucky, you can see the live goddess Kumari – the patronage of the King Nepal, chosen from among the six-eight-year-old girls caste Nevarov. It must correspond to more than 30 requirements for the goddess. Among other things be fearless. And her horoscope must match the horoscope of the king. Before becoming Kumari, the girl passes terrible tests, with a display of bloody heads of buffals and ice-drying souls in one of the dark rooms of the palace at night. And then, withstanding the exam, moves to the small palace of the XVIII century, where it lives until it matches. She gets a traditional education, salary, and to achieve a certain age – retirement. Usually Kumari remains lonely: human happiness is not for the goddesses.

Still virgin land

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