Still just cube

Freedom Island in the Caribbean, the outpost of the revolution, golden sands and palm trees, country of Roma, nickel and cane, earthly paradise Hamingway in one word, Cuba is not like any country of the world.

There it is necessary to visit it right now only because with the departure of the legendary Fidel (and even though he has hereditary health, has already changed the eighth forests) Cuba will become just like all the other tropical islands. First, the audibilities of the turbines are hung here, then wealthy resorts. Wild beaches will close, old stones with traces of teeth of time and shocks will be replaced by plastic and metal, and a thick black woman with a cigar in the mouth and in a white bride dress will notice not at the Cathedral area of ​​Havana, but in the cafe of some Mr. Robson or Macquinley.

Americans, especially the elderly, ride to relax in Cuba through Mexico or Canada. Is of the American embargo on all types of transport links, the direct path for them is still closed. Go shed a tear over the ruins of the former colony, dream, remember.

Attitude towards the states of the authorities of Cuba is emphasized negative. Fidel Castro and now can come to some sugar factory to roll 6-hour lecture on global imperialism. The most interesting thing is that he has been listening to him for several decades with genuine interest. In the eyes of the whole Latin America, which with all the official loyalty is distinguished by the dislike of the United States, the Cuban position of the public confrontation is worthy of respect.

In the environment of people, easier, who are no longer thinking about politics, but to live well, antagonism has long been not. On the Havana flea market, T-shirts are calmly sold, but all compromising labels are neatly cut off with scissors.

Cubans are kind people. The level of crime on the island is very small, here you can safely walk at night and not be afraid of life and wallet. The most aggressive creatures are the beggars, who, causing you to file a dollar, can pull tourists for the dress, demonstrating ulcers and tied limbs. However, if you send them away, they immediately disappear. Pulling money from tourists Cubans learned to perfectly, this is a profitable universal business, and therefore ingenuity is encouraged.

For example, here you are sitting in an open cafe enjoying the baked langust and coffee. Suddenly, a Cuban boy is flown with a lightning, throws a sheet of paper right into the plate and immediately runs faster, because the waiter chases it. Young Cuban will not run away far away, but will stop immediately where the sovereign feature passes, separating cafes and the street. He will be waiting for you, because the leaf is just drawn by Sangina or Flomaster your profile. That is, this is a kid thinks your profile. You yourself will decide whether it really is. And depending on the result, give (or not give) the pix dollar.

Cuban women in many earn a living love. Until recently, the crowds of sales of beauties were hanging under the windows of Cuban hotels, tourists directly from the windows of the rooms bought the girls who liked, simply throwing them money, after which the coin climbed to the buyer. However, in February 1999, Fidel Castro decided that there was no prostitution on socialist Cuba. And although prostitution did not disappear from this, but ceased to be too frank and obsessive. Now in every hotel near the porter sits a decent view of a pimpetor who will select any girl for every taste for the night, for a week, for a month. Rich foreigners, coming to a tour, can order a companion in advance, it is included in the list of services under the name of the Guide, along with transfer, air ticket and voucher at the hotel room. On the market or on the street women are offered in bulk. Cute Cubans, again boys, sink among tourists and pronounce in English:

Rum, cigar, langust, girl?

Cuban old people who have lost acne together with adolescence, are more and more sitting on stone attacks in front of the doors and smoke cigars. They can be dressed in black takes a la che Guevara or in the picturesque Latin American rags. You can consider a miracle for free. However, if you want to photograph the dollar pay.

All this nasty brethren understands only the word dollar. She also understands the phrases for the dollar two (five, seven) or for the dollar twice, for example, click the apparatus.

If Cuban lives well, then only at the expense of foreigners, getting tips in the hotel, on the beach, in a cafe. Tourist Baked Langusta will cost from 15 to $ 25 while their eaten will eat it completely free. Because the real salary of the Middle Cuban is about $ 11 per year (not a month), and all products for cards.

The only common heritage of everyone who gets into Cuba, and local, and visitors are wild sandy beaches and a warm ocean. There are, of course, also paid, elite places for swimming, however they differ little from those that without fence and protection. The same white small sand on the shore and in water, corals and orange shells, the same sun and deserted. As a rule, in a small distance from the shoreline of the wild beach, under coconut palm trees, the house tent is located. Of the time they will certainly come out two tanned to the non-chicken shade of the Cuban in blue shirts of the eye and sunbathing pants. What Sir wishes? Sunbed, awning, Langust on coals, beer?

Ten years ago, when the country has hurriedly left Soviet experts, leaving unfinished plants, unsigned contracts and unconcerned projects, Cuba was on the verge of hungry death. Citizens of the free island are still melting offense on ours and argue that they survived only due to the will of the inflexible Fidel and the chicken egg. In one of the new areas of Havana, this egg delivered this monument, probably the only one in the world. According to special respect for the quarrels, by the way, also says that the ordinary white nurser can be found in the morning in the most prestigious Havalian hotel. It is peacefully grazing on the lawn, and in the evening the egg will demolish the egg for some Cuban maid or receptionist.

our person does not understand, of course, why Cubans, dying with hunger, instead of chickens did not spread, for example, potato fields. The benefit of the climate is that stick to the ground will grumble. But, communicating with Cubans longer, you realize that even small poultry farming, not to mention the rest of peasant activities, for them. Submit a Cuban picking in the ground is simply impossible. This cheerful people starting to dance with the onset of the first twilight, prefers to make a living with love, carnival processions (which is also hard bread: Try the chance of the other!) or in the extreme case of tuna fishing in the ocean.

Cuba and car

The means of movement on the island are a separate story. They, like all Cuban life, are clearly divided into two fleets for their own and for foreigners. Cubans themselves mainly prefer a bike. Urban transport. Outows can wait for hours, and when the red bus comes (they are called camels in the surprise), there will be up to 300 people. According to local statistics, half of urban crimes occurs in the razlvand. However, for people who are brought up in the Soviet queues and the clock of peak, all this is not at all surprising. They say that the governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov, having visited here once, so imbued with sympathy for the transport problem of Cubans, which began to develop the target program Havan Trolleybus. Evil languages ​​assure that he even dragged one trolley bus in Cuba, which then disappeared somewhere in stock. After all, the island is bad with electricity. And in general with money. Well, and tourists are numerous taxis of colonial still years of release, as well as carts with horses, bicycles and yellow Cookaras Motorcycles with two landing places for passengers under the roof. Pay from the dollar to three, and you will be taken to any end of any city, from ten to twenty and you are already rushing from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. They say that some time ago, the Americans tried to buy this entire rare car park, offering Cubans to exchange each car for a new Ford. However, the authorities of the Isle of Freedom declared cars by national treasure and did not succumb to the vile bribery of world imperialism.

Therefore, the our Zhiguli is considered to be the ride of gorgeous life here. The happiness of the Help of Supermachina literally glows on the faces of their owners who, with a chic where, where, Moscow Sixties are lit into the prestigious areas of the old Havana. Of these, dandy in black suits, snow-white shirts and cigar in the teeth.

Cuba and Rum, and Ham

Still just cube

The name of Ernest Hamingway, who, according to his own words, found on the island of the earthly paradise, here knows and honors every boy. His house under Havana has been turned into a museum. Tourists are not allowed inside, but allow them to walk around and consider housing insides through open windows; Before the tropical climate allows not to close them all year round. You can still climb on the tower, which was built specifically for Uncle Hema so that he admired the nature, the nearest pulling a cocktail, the constant component of which is rum: for example, Daikiri, Machito or Pinoto Coland. In the center of the old Havana, tourists have a great success in Hamingway cafes, Baigeit Del Medina Actually, his favorite eatery.

Outside, nothing special, but inside all the walls are painted inscriptions. One of them belongs to Peru Master himself. He left for future visitors a very sensible message based on his own experience. Daikiri is better here, written by the author of the snow kilimanjaro, and Mahuto in National. The national is the most famous Havansky hotel, which remained intact since colonization times. Maybe according to the poverty of the state, and maybe for reasons of aesthetics, the interior of 50 years ago is fully preserved. So there are no point in the feeling that they are acting persons of some Hollywood film with Merilin Monroe.

By the way, both without Hammingway and without Roma in different combinations, combinations and quantities of Cuba imagine simply impossible. Along with the island of Java, the country disputes the right to be called the birthplace of this drink. Although the word challenges is not suitable to pronounce in the presence of Cuban. Because each normal cuban is confident in the perfect indisputability of this fact. Enough to visit the Havansky Museum of Roma to make sure that. There you will be given to sit on the barrels, in which they once kept rum, show a film about Roma and the layout of the Factory for the production of Roma in full size. Then you will decide and compare the drinks of three-, six-, seven-year and nine-year exposures, and then, of course, want to purchase them. Set or separately, in branded boxes with colorful posters, on which it is written how to cook cocktails. A bottle of 0.75 seven-year Roma will cost you $ 7 with a little. On the streets, the heartset, it is possible for the same price to buy a rum of fifteen years ago, however, without branded packaging.

Here are only cigars of the heartbeat flooring not worth. Prices on the street and in the store are almost the same, and quality, if not lucky, may be rubbish.

Evenings, tourists go to a cafe or cabaret. In the cabaret you can first have a good dinner, and then enjoy the art of delightful Cuban dancers, who have all parts of the body rotate in different directions and rhythms, building, meanwhile, one incomprehensible harmony of dance.

You can also dance all night. The owners of the open-air cafe contain a small orchestra, which will play all that he knows and what will want from the command of Che Guevara to Rio Rita.

To tourists from Russia, a good attitude has been preserved here, although the our language knows now almost not to find, unless of old people.

Oh, I know Russia! Speaks in our Cuban middle-aged, from one blow to split coconuts to create Pinoto-Colad. I was in your Olympics, I know!

He will not take money, but in return you will listen to the long memories of the USSR and about the sports achievements of Cuban. However, with a cocktail in hand to do it nice. About the blessed times of socialism in Cuba much reminds. Not only queues and cards, but also detachments of elegant pioneers (white top, raspberry bottom and the same color ties). Studies in pairs of marching children are mixed on the streets with soldiers on stilts, motley colombines and dancing foreigners. Last gray couples in shorts also look like participants of the clown.

Cheerful cube dancing under homemade wooden rattles, glad to everyone who has a dollar in his pocket. She is unpretentious and beautiful, hospitality, smiling and good. No more than the country on the globe, where the tourist is waiting for such a rattling mixture of wealth and poverty, carnival and needs, past and present. Hurry up in Cuba while she is still Dicking, while she has not yet turned into a primary foreign, scoop and expensive selling its charms.

Still just cube

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