Recipe: sticky rice or rice poems

It is no secret that the inhabitants of Thailand many dishes (even desserts) eat with rice. If in the central region and in the south is distributed "Khao Suai" – crumbly rice, then in the north and northeastern countries prefer "Khao NIAO" – sticky or sticky rice. It is grown on the slopes of hills and high-mountainous plateau, there are almost no gluten in it, and the large content of amylopectin gives the stickiness. If you prepare such a rice in the usual way, then the grain will be folded and become soft, it is porridge, so it is prepared in a different way. Today I will tell you how easy it is to cook sticky rice at home, as they do in the northern part of Thailand. It is perfectly suitable for different dishes: grilled chicken, fried vegetables in Thai, seafood with basil or curry Massan.

To prepare sticky rice you will need a special rice variety. In Yandex.The market is sold under the brand AROY-D. If you buy it in Thailand or in Asian markets in Russia, see the packaging to be one of the following inscriptions: Glutinous Rice, Sweet Rice, Sticky Rice or Thai ข้าวเหนียว. Grain can be both white and black. From brands Look for Golden Phoenix, Orice, Butterfly, Double Bear Brand, Sanpatong (Three Ladies Brand), Aroy-D, Raitip, Thai Choice, Chang or Other. Not so long ago, the Viola sticky rice appeared in Russia, which is perfect for cooking.

The inhabitants of Thailand traditionally prepare sticky rice, using a cone-shaped braid from the bamboo basket, which looks more like a straw hat. It is placed in a special narrowing vessel with water, covered rice with a lid and boil a couple to readiness. Ready rice is served in small round baskets with covers. Of course, it is quite difficult to find a similar cone-shaped basket in Russia, and not so important. You can cook rice in a double boiler, a multicooker, a nanovarka or even in a saucepan with a sieve, everything depends on your capabilities and fantasies.

Before cooking rice, it is necessary to rinse with cold water and soak 5-6 hours, but it is better to leave for the night. For the first experience, take 2-3 rice glasses. Note that this variety absorbs water well, so its level should be 5-6 centimeters above the rice level. After the time, drain the water, lay out rice on the larchair grille, pour water into the saucepan. If a grill with large holes, use gauze or thin cotton fabric. In this case, there is a small minus: the fabric accumulates moisture and turns the lower layer of rice in porridge. It will be better to use a small grid as in the sieve. Full preparation time is usually 25-30 minutes depending on the amount of rice. 10-15 minutes before readiness, mix the rice for the uniformity of steam exposure. Ready! Every grain remains whole, and the mass itself sticks out in a lump.

Sticky rice - rice poems or sticky rice, recipe, what kind of variety a guide to Thailand

Sticky rice eat hands, rolling with fingers balls. Do not be afraid to get together if everything is done correctly, the grain sticks to each other, but not to the hands. Rice balls are dipping in sauce or eating with meat, fish or vegetables. When I traveled by Laos, I studied in a culinary school, where you showed very simple ways of cooking insanely delicious sauces for vegetables and sticky rice. Literally 5 minutes – and everything is ready! I’ll tell you about them another time.

In the usual Thai restaurant rarely serve sticky rice to the main dishes. Often it is used in desserts: mango with sticky rice, ice cream, in various sweets cooked in bamboo or just like that. They can be tried in the markets and markets of Phuket Island, and at 7-11 they even sell a hamburger with a bun from sticky rice. Simple sticky rice as a supplement to the main meal can be found in Isansky restaurants, which shows the kitchen of Northeast Thailand. There are not so many similar establishments on Phuket: Isaan Popeye on Kamala Beach, Isaan SAP and Krua Tungtong in Katu. Ask the nearest Isanian restaurant at the reception of your hotel. Bon Appetit!

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