Stewardess told how to choose a place in the plane

The main mistakes of tourists revealed the stewardess from the US Cat Kamalani, who is known in social networks with its videos in which the audience tells about their work. She shared about secrets in his Tiktok account.

First, the flight attendant explained how to occupy both armrest chairs in the plane and do not feel remorse. According to the rules, if a person is sitting in the center, then he can safely occupy both armrests — And on the right, and on the left, t. To. Tourists around the edges there are other advantages: one can adjust the porthole shutter at its discretion, and the other — It is free to go out into the restroom when he wants, explained the stewardess.

Stewardles told how to choose a place in the plane of tourism from the tourism

Secondly, the tourists sitting by the window can adjust the porthole curtain and, in the event of a neighbor’s request, close it or raise it, if necessary, may well even refuse him in his request. «According to the rules, — reported Kamalani, — nothing can not do».

Earlier in his video, the flight attendant told why stewardess estimating tourists when landing on board. In fact, attentive view of the employees of the airline is associated with further security during the flight. Tourists related to medicine and any other field of assistance to people are asked to sit down closer to the exit so that if necessary, they do not spend precious time, they were able to assist.

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