Stewardess gave advice to air strikers with children

41-year-old Stewardles advised air passengers to keep calm, even if children are capricious at the airport or on board the aircraft. Eroglu explained that the chlorination of parents will affect children soothing. Also need to be prepared for the trip and stock the necessary things: for example, milk and diapers for babies.

In addition, you need to think in advance what kind of food will need. Before the flight it is better to order the onboard nutrition that children love, as well as take favorite snacks with themselves. Blider recommends travelers in a difficult situation to ask for help from stewards.

Stewardess gave advice to air strikers with children

Also necessary at the time of the flight to take children a fascinating case so that they do not have to miss and capricious. Little children can like to draw or discourage pictures, or play on the tablet. Eroglu also reminds travelers about changing time belts, which can disrupt the day of children.

Finally, the former stewardess advises to prepare for landing. When the plane begins to land, the pressure is increasing in the cabin, so ear channels can sow in children. Blogger recommends that milk from a bottle milk from the bottle at this time, and older children – Lollipops or other sweets. This reduces pressure on ear canals.

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