Stewardess Airline Cathay Pacific Unhappy with Sexual Form

Stewardles of the Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific appealed to the management with the requirement to change the design of the uniform, less sexy.

According to the company’s collaborations, frank clothing increases the number of sexual harassment by passengers, and, in addition, it is inconvenient to work.

In the trade union, flight attendants confirmed that unnecessarily short red skirts and tight blouses interfere with staff work and increase attention to flight attendants from passengers – men. In addition, the permanent passengers of Cathay Pacific airline participating in the Marco Polo Club bonus program believe that harassment of stewardess is included in the list of services paid.

Stewardess Airline Cathay Pacific Unhappy with Sexual Form

Recall that earlier the budget airline Skymark Airlines in Japan pound a similar reason for the rapid discussion of the styles of uniforms of aircraft. Matureness of the tranquility of the carrier’s flight attendants, dissatisfied with the new form. Introduced mini skirts they called "causing". The management of the company expressed regret for the reaction of the front ventricors to the new form, and also stressed that they could refuse her wearing, if she didn’t like it. At the same time, wishes will be able to wear mini skirts during flights.

At the same time, other airlines continue to delight the public with calendars with their flight attendants in the style of NU, and to play in such an erotic calendar of the flight attendants are considered a lot of luck. The most famous similar calendar was the annual erotic calendar of the Ryanair airline.

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