Silence of the Latvian forest

Saying a huge for all good thanks, wishing Inge and her colleagues to remain as much dirty and hardworking, we again with backpacks, again on the way, again together, together and with a whole world together.

The day he was amazing: silent and rainy, but to the edges filled. It was very quiet, therefore heard the whisper of the forest, heard the songs of the caravel, heard themselves.

And every turn – as soon as the finished picture: the bends of the wet road, the rows of blundering trees, slowly flying clouds.

Yes, a faithful companion of all the journey we were the forest. And passing on his side, we are all peering in it, peering with delight, look with pleasure: there and color, there and the light, there is bends, there are textures there, there are smells and sounds. Just to see.

I remember that a comparison came to mind.
Typically, we, people, so walk through the streets with bright shop windows, swaying things that you want to buy. And here – the other, the forest and the world, even if it seems to be ordinary and familiar, and see, see forget, rushing past on cars.
Stay, peek, listen.

Silence of the Latvian forest

So day and fused. For all his miracles were already grateful, and here another little earthly joy happened.
It was wet, and thought if someone would let go to the barn, then the tent is landing, and the dream is our night warmer. The ranks of the houses around the twist, there and went. They knocked there, they knocked here – quiet. Well done.

And turned – the raspberry bushes. Yes! So huge that on the fingers of Amelia they would be easily scrolled around their axis.

They put out on the spot and they took with them a little, in order to make the beginning of the next day to make a little sweeter. Quite a little, otherwise it would be quite sweet 🙂

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