Silaos (Cilaos)

Silaos (Cilaos) – City and Commune in the central part of the island of Reunion, on the south side of the Array Piton de Nez. Silap is at an altitude of 1214 m in the circus of the same name. According to 2006, 5,838 inhabitants lived here.

The city of Syos has developed as a resort since the end of the XIX century, when pools and baths on the site of thermal sources were built here. Over time, swimming pools and walls of structures have dilated, and the resort was closed. Subsequently, he was turned into a museum, and on the basis of the same sources a new complex was built.

This region has a lot of interesting things for travelers. Here are grown geranium for perfumery industry, make high-quality red, pink and white wines. Also known is the local embroidery, which is performed on the same technology as 100 years ago. In the house embroidery here, you can take a few lessons of this fine art.

Even these days here is not so easy to get. A narrow and winding mountain road, which is not illuminated in the dark, is maintained, so it will be better to go in the afternoon, moreover, it will enjoy the amazing panoramas that open up every turn.

Silaos (Cilaos)

For lovers of hikes, there are trails in the mountains trough from the times of runaway slaves. In the modern version, each trail is applied to the map, on trees and stones there are markups, allowing to navigate the terrain. Also calculated the time you can spend on the hike: two, three, four or eight hours, depending on your sports form.

Cascade de Brace Rouge – The appropriate place for a one-day walk, which starts from the city and descends to the old thermal pools, and then crosses the slopes above the Bras de Ethan. After a couple of hours of hike in the picturesque places, you will reach a waterfall located in a very beautiful place between the mountain rocks and riveting vegetation.

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