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Sikya – a small village is located at the end of the pine boron of xylokastro, along the coast protected from the winds of the bay with a large convenient pebble beach.Its inhabitants, about 650 people, their love for their native land express warm hospitality to all coming
At the same time, Sikya is a real historical monument of art and literature, a source of inspiration, a small port of many thin and poets. By the mid-19th century, the area attracted the interest of many foreign and Greek kings, prime ministers, actors, and t.D.
In the era of the Byzantine and Francian state, the port was called "Coast of St. Nicholas Sicia", Since the seashore was much higher and reached the village of Helinathy, where the temple of St. Nicholas was.
It is said that once in this place was a huge Sickey – a fig tree (fig tree) and sources with crystal clear water.
Sicia or Pygosicia exists on old English sea maps and then in the Bay port famous as a place where you can hide from the evil winds of the Corinthian Bay and find crystal clear water.
During the Turkish occupation, the village was called "Pyrgos" (fortress, tower) or "Pyrgosicia" (Fortress-smear).
The ancient fortress Pasha Halal Aga is still towers on the shore and leaves windows to the Corinth Bay. Nowadays, this fortress is known as the Kiamil Bay tower, named Grandson Chahila.
Later, the territory was settled by the Aristorcrats from the mountain cities of Trikala and Karya.
A few meters from the beach is the stone temple of the Assumption of the Virgin, built in 1842 by Panaretis and Maria John.
On the way to Xylokstro, there is a magnificent exhibition complex dedicated to the work of the modern sculptor Fanis Sakerlaria, one of the important representatives of the monumental sculpture in Greece.
Rode from the village of Sikya as well as Fofanis Cocridis and his son John, scientists and writers, Fan Bulos, famous opera singer.
In Sicia, built one of the objects of Aris Konstantinidis architect, which is engaged in a national program for the construction of hotels "Ksenia" in the middle of the 20th century.
At the end of the bay in Sicia at the entrance to the Pine Forest Pepkias on the territory of the hotel Sikion Coast, a real masterpiece of Greece Prescribed Heritage is located, Vilaa of the famous poet Angelos Siekelianos
The poet was fascinated by landscapes and accounts. This place is ideal for inspiration and creativity.
Together with his wife Eva Palmer, he built a villa in 1916, the couple spent most of his life in this residence and took the famous artists, poets, outstanding personalities in the villa of the era.

Sikya Peloponnes Greece - Corinth, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Corinth on the turmon

Costis Palamas, Nikos Kazandzakis, Kostak Kariotakis, Isadora Duncan and many others Hotels on the beautiful coast at Ville Siekelianos. The two-story building is built from a carved stone brought from the town "Agia Theodora" and represents several architectural styles.
In subsequent years, the villa passed from hand to hand, during the Second World War there was the headquarters of the Italian and German troops, in the late 50s it was bought by Spear-by-Quality, which organized a hotel complex here. The graceful stone bench was also preserved on the hotel’s territory, at which the poet Angelos Siekelianos was resting and wrote and a lifeless at the moment the trunk of an old pine was preserved, the shadow of which falls to our time in the place of inspiration of the poet.

Sikya Peloponnes Greece - Corinth, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Corinth on the turmon

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