Sihanoukville and South Cambodia

Relaxual atmosphere, picturesque beaches and Sihanoukville Islands &# 8212; The main wealth of the southern region of Cambodia. Recreation format here is different from other beach directions of Yuva, here &# 171; everything is easier and much real&# 187;. In addition, Cardamon Mountains, Burord National Park, Atmospheric Campot and Crab Paradise Kep &# 8212; Also safe can be included in the list &# 171; Do not miss in Cambodia&# 187;)

Sihanoukville and Islands

Most travelers ride south Cambodia for the sake of the beaches and the islands of Sihanoukville.


Infinite beaches, wild islands, diving and snorkeling, massage on the beach, beach barbecue and cocktails, all this bundled with inexpensive guest houses and bungalows on the beach attract to Sihanoukville admirers of a democratic beach holiday.

On the beach Otters, Sihanoukville. Photo Credit: Helen (Miss TiggyWinkle), Flickr

Pa Beach Serenendipiti, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Photo Credit: Alfie Ianni, Flickr

Island Ko Rong

Island Ko Rong &# 8212; Protecting beach paradise. Incredible beaches, picturesque bays, emerald water&# 8230; Island takes about 78, quite a large area covered with jungle, but nevertheless beaches on the island of almost 50 kilometers) on Koh Ronga there are several tiny local villages and a couple of dozen bungalows and guest houses.

Bungalow and Guest-House: Koh Rong
How to get there: on a high-speed boat (about 45 minutes, a regular message from the beach of Serentipiti) or on a dive ship (2 hours, ask in the agencies).

Relax on the island of Ko Rong. Photo Credit: Nakkken (39268104 @ N06), Flickr

Island to Rong Self

Island to Rong Self &# 8212; Junior Brother Ko Ronga, located near. A completely idyllic place for the beach is nothing-doing and / or snorkeling diving. On the island there are also beach bungalows and guest houses.

Bungalow and Guest-House: Koh Rong Samloem
How to get there: on a high-speed boat (about 45 minutes, a regular message from the beach of Serentipiti) or on a dive ship (2 hours, ask in the agencies).

Island Paradise &# 8212; Island to Rong Saloem, Beach Saracen. Photo Credit: Choukhri Dje, Flickr

Island of Kyiv

A small, picturesque island, located near the coast (from the National Park Rome and Beach Otters). Most travelers come to an island on the day with Retreat or Sihanoukville (with tours or renting a boat), but on the island you can also stay for a couple of days &# 8212; There are some very simple bungalows and small restaurants.

How to get there: on a boat from Otzov or Sihanoukville (with tours or renting a boat)

Cafe on the island co-Kyiv. Photo Credit: Stuart McDonald, Flickr

Caucha Damlaung Island

This is perhaps the farthest of Sihanoukville islands. There are several local challenges for not available hotels that organize a transfer for their guests. Not bad for romantic vacation &# 171; far from everything&# 187;, if not embarrassing the lack of mobile communication, internet and choice of food)

Hotels and Bungalow: Kaoh Damlaung
How to get there: on a high-speed boat (about 1.5 hours from Sihanoukville)

Photo Credit: Treasure Island Bungalows

Song Saa Island

Private island near Sihanoukville, on which one five-star Song Saa Private Island Resort is located. Dream Hedonist &# 8212; Bungalows with luxury views, private pool and beach. Very cool and very expensive.

Private Island Song Saa. Photo Credit: INVEST HONG KONG, FLICKR

Day Rangers to Islands from Sihanoukville

If there is no time or desire to go for a few days to the islands, then the daytime marine tour with snorkeling or diving will be the perfect option. Tours start early in the morning (usually on small walking or dive boats) and return to Sihanoukville at sunset. In the routes of tours or 3-4 islands including Bamboo Island (Bamboo Island, near Rome National Park), or to Rong Islands. In any case, programs are usually several stops on snorkeling / diving, a couple of hours on the beach, barbecue lunch and evening Tus on board up to Sihanoukville.

Rome National Park and Thamy Island

Rome National Park is located on the coast of 18 kilometers from Sihanoukville. The park is known not only to his tropical flora, but also a huge variety of birds (more than 150 species). You can get in the park on your own on a motorbike from Siankville, buy a day tour or rent a bungalow on the coast or on the island of Thamya.

Pretty big and absolutely wild (as of 2016) Island is part of the Rome National Park. On the island there is a small eco-resort, where you can remove the bungalow. Get to the island &# 8212; whole adventure, but there is a real opportunity to feel like a robinzone

Check Price: Koh Thmei Resort
Guest-Howes on the mainland: Rome National Park
How to get to the island to Thamya: on a taxi or motor-taxi to the village of Koh Kchhang, from there by boat to the island.

Paradise on Earth = Koh Thmei Resort) Photo Credit: Caroline Kinneberg, Flickr

Cardamon Mountains

Cardamon Mountains (Cardamon Mountain), located 150 km from Sihanoukville towards Thai border, &# 8212; A kind of unlawful center of adventure and eco-tourism in the south of Cambodia. Trekking in the mountains (different difficulty levels, in t.C. For several days with campsite in the jungle), cycling around the surrounding area, kayaking and walks along the river, Safari, plus accommodation visiting local families &# 8212; that, for what, actually, adventure crawls go to the Mountain Cardamon.

Tracking in the Cardamon Mountains. Photo Credit: n / a

Village Chifat

Tiny chifat village (Chi Phat), picturesquely located on the river bank in the heart of the Cardamon Mountains. Local community with the support of the State Center for Eco-Tourism Development Actively develop this unique travel format in its region. Hermitic guests are accepted to chifat (guest houses, family accommodation) and guest houses and can also live in the bungalow or local campsite, there are a couple of restaurants and a tourist center. Many locals work guides and conductors. Atmosphere in chifat &# 8212; Pleasant and absolutely relaxing.

Homster (Guest Houses) and Guest Howses: Chifat (Chi Phat)
Getting there: on the local bus to the town of Andoung Teuk (from Sihanville, Kampot, Kepa and Poina to Koh Kong), from there to a motor-bike taxi or boat to Chifat (learn more about booking guest house or Homster)

Adventure in Chifat, Cambodia. Photo Credit: Chi Phat, Flickr

Campot and Kep

The lazy provincial town of Campot is located 115 kilometers from Sihanoukville towards the pnot of stump, Kep &# 8212; another 40 kilometers further along the coast. Stop &# 171; for a couple of days&# 187; In one of these charming towns (or in each of them) &# 8212; Great way to get acquainted with Cambodia closer.


Campot (Kampot) &# 8212; A small picturesque town located on the banks of the river a few kilometers from the coast. This is a great place to get acquainted with Provincial Cambodia. Here you catch fish, grow famous Campotian peppers and the best fruit in the province (Duriana, Mango, Coconuts). The preserved colonial architecture and proximity to the Bokor National Park make Campot one of the most interesting directions of the region.

Older colonial mansions in Kampot, Cambodia. Photo Credit: Bental 3000, Flickr

Bokor National Park

Sihanoukville and South Cambodia

Bohr National Park and its main attraction &# 8212; French mining station with abandoned casino and pagoda, are in an hour’s drive from Kempota. With visit to the park you will help any guest house, an alternative option &# 8212; Inspection of Barabon on the rented motorbike.

National Park &# 171; Bokor, Campot. Cambodia. Photo Credit: Meng Kimlong, Flickr

Kep &# 8212; Little resort town on the shores of the Siamese Gulf, which, in due time, the French chose as the main seaside resort.There are relatively few tourists, magnificent views and best on the coast of crabs. Travelers often choose KPP as a calmer alternative to Sihanouq, or as a stop in the direction of Vietnam.

Quay Kep. Photo Credit: Ron Van Zeeland, Flickr

Island to Tonoxa

Koh Tonsay Island Located 25 km from the Kepa coast more famous called &# 171; Rabbit Island&# 187; &# 8212; &# 171; rabbit&# 187; Island. Boats on the island regularly leave the Kepa pier. You can spend on the island of the day and return to KPP, or dwell on the night in a very ascetic bungalow. On the island there are a couple of restaurants where you can eat delicious fish.

Koh Tonsay Island, Kep. Photo Credit: Stefan Oilz, Flickr

Transport in the region

Sihanville has an airport that receives flights from Poin Poya, Sihanoukville, as well as large cities in Vietnam and Thailand. Low cost airlines to Sihanoukville fly (as of 2016), so the ticket will cost $ 100 and above one way.

Buses (tourist and large local beads) connect the region with pno-pen. On the route Sihanville &# 8212; Campot &# 8212; Kep runs local tourist buses and minibuses (prepare for the old-presserving transport). For short distances (up to 50 km) Run Tuk-Tuki.

Taxi and piece taxi &# 8212; Pretty popular and relatively inexpensive type of transport (50-60 $ / Machine from Sihanoukville to Poin-Pen).

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Borders with Thailand and Vietnam

Journey to the south of Cambodia can be continued either in Thailand (with Sihanoukville), or in Vietnam (through KPP).

Transition border with Thailand

Hat Lek / Ko Kong &# 8212; The border point that travelers are often used on the way from Sihanoukville to Chang Island. And in Sihanoukville and on Khanga, connector tickets are sold, which include land moving and ferry (moving &# 8212; 5-6 hours).

Independent route &# 8212; On the local bus or taxi from Sihanoukville, Kepa (through Campot) or Poin Peny (through Andoung Teuk, Chifat) to the cross-border town of Ko Kong, located in the Cardamon Mountains. On the motorbike-taxi to the border, from the Thai border to the town of Cham Yeam on Tuk Tuka or a piece of taxi. From Cham Yeam to spending on a local bus (about an hour), from spending to Koh Chang on the ferry. Learn very early or plan to stop on the way.

Border Transition with Vietnam

From Kepa to the border with Vietnam, you can get to the motorbike-taxi (about 45 minutes, $ 5-10) or on the usual taxi. Prek Chak / XA Xia Edge Point is located near the Wharf Ha Tien, from where the hydrophofoils are sent to the Fukuok Island, from the border to the berth you can also get to the motorbike &# 8212; Taxi.

PHNOM DEN / TINH BIEN BRANNING Point is located near the Vietnamese Country Country (convenient for those who are heading from Cambodia in the Mekong Delta)

Alternative very simple option &# 8212; Buy in Sihanoukville, Kampote or Kep Connect &# 8212; Fukuok Island ticket. From Kepa, tourist minivans to Ho Chi Minimine or Chaudoka are also sent (tickets can also be bought in Sihanoukville or Kampot). Take care of Vietnam visa in advance, as Vietnamese visa on arrival is available only at airports.

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