Sigulda (Sigulda)

Sigulda (Sigulda) – A small town in the central part of Latvia, located 50 km north-east of Riga on the Gauja River within the Gauja National Park. Population – 11 168 people (2010).

Sigulda is known as the Winter Sport Center: in the vicinity of the city – the only significant landscape hills of Latvia. International Bobslet and Sunning Competitions has repeatedly passed in Siguld.

In the summer and in good weather in Sigulda, lovers of outdoor activities and extreme. Those who are not afraid of heights and acute sensations, shake in a balloon or jump from Tarzanka right in the abyss.

From May to October in the forest, not far from Sigulda, an adventure park has been opened “Mezakakis” (Forest Cat), where everyone who wants, height above is 140 cm, can feel like a real wild cat, overcoming obstacles and making his way through the ropes and ropes.

In the fall in Sigulda, very beautiful – bright colors on the slopes of the hills, clean blue sky, transparent air. In late September – early October, almost every Riga family finds the time to go to Sigulda, take a walk in the vicinity of Turaid Castle, admire the nature.

In winter, Sigulda turns into the main ski and ski resort of Latvia – there are specially equipped and illuminated by skiing, slagistic and sled roads.

Turaid Castle (Turaida Castle) – was laid at the class of Riga Bishop in 1214. Stoke up for more than five centuries and burned. For more than 50 years, restoration works and research are being conducted here. Today, some of the walls, the North and South Towers are recreated, as well as the Tower with the observation platform located at an altitude of 26 meters. Around the Turaid Castle is a sculpture park and an open-air museum.

Sigulda Castle
– The characteristic monument of neootics, originally belonged to the counts of Bukham, inherited by Kropotkin, the current building was erected in 1878-1881 as the residence of Prince D. N. Kropotkin.

Cable car
– In Sigulda, the only cable car, connecting the hills in Sigulda and Crmalde, opened on January 3, 1969 and allows to overcome 1060 meters above the Gaui Valley.

Cave Gutmana
(Gutmanis Cave) – is the largest cave Latvia, the source of the purest spring water flows out from its foundation, which is considered healing.

Dain Kalns Park (
Dainu Kalns) – Created in 1985 and is dedicated to the Kyrgyz Republic. Baron. Here you can see various sculptures depicting the heroes of Latvian folk songs.

Sigulda Medieval Castle (Sigulda Medieval Castle)
– built in the early stage of the conquest of the Baltic crusaders. Construction work on the upstream of the castle were launched by order of the first master of the Ordena of the Zameremen Wine Von Rorbach in 1207 on the territory of one of the former Liv settlements on the banks of the River Gaui.

To this day from the castle, a monumental garment tower and fragments of the walls of the Castle Capella, laid out of a roughly erected limestone.

Sigulda (Sigulda)

Sanno-Bobslee Route
– built in 1986 and is provided for both Bobsley and Sunny Sports. Sigulda route – the only similar kind of kind in Eastern Europe.

By bus every hour – schedule on the bus station

By car – travel time 50 minutes

Sigulda city route is located in Sigulda, in the territory of the Gaui National Park.

The height difference of the highway is 90 m, the length of 350 m, it is lit in the dark time of day.

Three lifts: Parquet lifts, T-Bar lifting and lifting lifting.

Ski school, equipment rental, as well as cafes, where in the cozy atmosphere can be heated and reinforced with a warm dinner.

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