Sigulda — City in the central part of Latvia with a population of 10.603 residents (on January 1, 2005). Located 50 km north-east of Riga on the Gauja River within the Gauja National Park. Sigulda is known as the Winter Sport Center, in the vicinity there are only significant landscape hills of Latvia. International Bobslet and Sunning Competitions has repeatedly passed in Siguld. Due to the picturesque location, it is also a popular vacation spot for Riga. Sigulda also attracts numerous foreign tourists.

Sigulda – One of the most beautiful cities in Latvia. BO all over the world there are not many places where nature is so colorfully merged with the city, becoming its integral part. There are no large-scale production in our city, but there are mountains where in the winter you can engage in skiing, and winding tracks for which in the summer you can ride a bike. Our motto – «Sigulda breathes free!»- indicates our spiritual and physical activity.

Sigulda, Latvia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Sigulda Tour Profit Guide

Winter sports in Latvia is associated with the name of Sigulda. Opera holiday – And this is Sigulda! Jumping on the rubber band with the trailer; Aerodium – Vertical air tunnel, who after the Olympics in Turin knows the whole world; „Mezhakakis„ (Forest cat) – These emotions can be experienced only in Sigulda! And the traditional holiday of birds in the Makes parish, and the time of golden leaves in the fall in Turaide, the Cave of Gutman and the Legend of Love Maya, Mount Dine – And this is also Sigulda. Concert hall „Baltahs Flygelis”(White Piano) and Music Festival of Kremerat Baltika…And that is not all!

Sigulda, Latvia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Sigulda Tour Profit Guide

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