Significant places of Gran Canaria

Exquisite beauty of the island of Gran Canaria takes the third-longest in the archipelago and one of the first places as claimed excursion center. Gran Canaria seduces holidaymakers with exotic nature, mild climate, snow-white beaches and historical monuments, and local attractions.

Some of them we will look at below.

La Palma city

La Palma representative of the greatest cities Canary Islands, which is based on the end of the fifteenth century. Attracts tourists with extravagant historical structures and fascinating campaigns in museums. The symbol of the city is Cathedral of St. Anne. The monument of history began to build at the end of the fifteenth century, however, due to a banal lack of money, the work stopped. Construction resumed only at the end of the eighteenth century and continues to this day. The cathedral connected several unusual styles for each other: baroque, gothic and neoclassical style. The national property of the temple was announced only at the end of the twentieth century, and before that the cathedral was determined by the status of small basilica in 1894.

There are dozens of historical museums throughout the city, but the most attractive for tourists became:

Museum of Canary Islands, which is located in the area of ​​the area entitled La Vegeta. As the basis of the exposition, archaeologically-ethnological finds were taken – cultural heritage associated with guanging vital activity. The greatest value is the rock paintings that were discovered in ancient Pintada cave. Messages on the walls of the rocks – an irrefutable fact of living on this earth of the natives.

  • Museum of Nestor
Significant places of Gran Canaria

The museum contains the works of a wonderful artist Nestor Martin-Fernandez de la Torre. The house in which the museum is located is built on a special development plan, which was a brother of Nestor and decorated in the traditional Canary style.

  • Museum Columbus

The gallery was founded in the premises of the construction of the end of the eighteenth century, in which Columbus once lived. The museum presents the creations of the art of the era to Columbus, works telling about the expeditions of the navigation.

Puerto de Morgan

Puerto de Morgan went away from a small village to the largest resort town. At this time, he was dying "Canary Venice" Due to the large number of water channels that connect the marina with a fishing harbor. The main star of the city was the sandy beach, rightly occupying first place on the island.

Gaiyadeke Gorge

Gorge is an artifact of the National Towns of Islanders. In this gorge, many centuries ago, lived Guangchi tribes. Local guides offer resting to inspect the accommodation places, rocky inscriptions, funeral pits and settlements remains. For curious tourists in the gorge, an information center was erected. Artificial cave was modeled in the style of Guangchi’s life for a more visible idea of ​​the life of the Aborigines.

Significant places of Gran Canaria

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