Signals: Love City in Alazan Valley

Having spent some time in Tbilisi, paid attention to the surroundings. It was decided to ride in the town called Signals, which is located in the east of Georgia and is considered one of the most beautiful in Kakheti. It is also called City of Love, Whether it is because everyone falls in love with him at first sight, whether it is because in each other, wandering on his romantic streets. May be glowing together both feelings.

The bus brought us to the bus station, but in spite of logic, we did not go deep into the city, but returned a little back on the road, which was just driving. There is a kind of observation deck, which offers a great view of the lines of the houses.

Sights of the Slavnya

Signals – This is a fortress city located on a high hill in the center of Alazan Valley. Now it is actively developing as one of the tourist centers. The city is interesting because in his architecture, traditional Georgian elements splash with the details of South Italian classicism. All this beauty is high in the mountains, and what can be more beautiful than mountains in combination with winding cobbled streets and red tiles cozy houses?

Experienced travelers argue that the signs are very similar to the small European town. I am hard to judge, I was not in Europe, but I liked the city of love unambiguously, and it does not matter, it looks like a European village, the city, the village or not.

Signals are relatively young. As one of the residents told us, the modern city was founded in the second half of the XVIII century by King Irakli II, although the construction of the fortress walls was started back in the XII century Tamara Tamara. We were already delighted that a woman carries knowledge of the most disinterested way, but no, asked Lari in exchange for valuable information))

So, first of all, the city is famous for the same fortress, in search of the entrance to which we roamed the streets quite a long time.

On the way to the fortress it is impossible not to notice Church of St. George, which is the tourists favorite plot for photos. Perhaps it does not remove it only lazy, and how to pass by such beauty.

The fortress is excellent, as it is huge: four and a half kilometers of the walls surround the whole old part of the city and even go beyond the city borders.

To get on the wall, you need to go down Street Gorgosali to the gate from which the rise of it begins. Walk along the wall is completely safe and comfortable. Other lifting spaces should not be looking for, they are simply not.

Fabulous views of the Alazan Valley are opening from the fortress walls. At the foot of the mountains as beads crumbled about two dozen villages. Describe the beauty and scale of the valley unrealistic, it is necessary to see. Green and blue canvas with linations of houses and arrays of the mountains extends further than they can see.

Perhaps the hilly area of ​​the signal is not the most convenient for the construction of housing. However, the people actively built and builds their homes here. Romantics what you say here))

The fortress wall is divided into areas of the towers, for which you can climb on specially suitable for tourists with wooden stairs. Alazan Valley and so wonderful visible, but if there is an opportunity, why not take a look at her with a little more height?

Walking along the fortress, noticed one cute restaurant, which was completely empty, and in general in the city and on the fortress there were practically no tourists. I think, at the height of the season, he with true Georgian hospitality swallows its doors to guests.

After a walk in the fortress, returned back to urban streets. And again the hand shook when all the same church of St. George passed by. Now she does not work, is on the restoration.

In the title of streets, parks and sculptures, we were not particularly sent to the museums, they didn’t get sought to the museums, as the fortress and types of Alazanian length were most interesting, although the attention of many tourists attracts the Museum of Niko Pirosmani, a famous Georgian artist.

As it turned out, walking through the streets of the city is no less pleasant and entertaining than admiring the beauties of the local nature. Narrow cobbled streets are fond of their labyrinths and colorful residential buildings.

In the center of the city there is a park in which we found a monument to an impressive man, as they found out later, this is a Georgian opera singer, a native of these places – Vano or Ivan (who like more) Saradzhishvili.

If we consider the city with curious eyes, then you can notice a lot of cute little things, it is simply impossible to pass by some.

For example, a funny sculpture of a leisure traveler.

Romantic-erotic fragments of fountain compositions.

Moting fragrant flowers.

Separate interests are residents of alarm, large and small.

Well, do not forget at least occasionally raise your head and admire the sky. It is said that the blue color is the symbol of impressionability and affection. So, everything converges: the signs are undoubtedly impressive, so so that they are tied to all the soul.

Signals City of Love in Alazan Valley

By the way, dining places in the city, oddly enough, very little. We managed to find an excellent Khachapure on the way, in which we assigned delicious to the heat heat Imerin Khachapuri.

But the hotels were noticed by a great set, judging by the facades, the prices in them are not humane. I do not know if there is a sense to stay here for a long time, it is quite possible to have time to inspect all the interests. Although I do not exclude the temptation of the prospects to meet the sunrises and sunsets, admiring the Alazan valley…


I really liked the city. Everything like I love: quiet, cozy, pretty, sometimes even toy. Capped streets, then raging up, then running down – my weakness. Although, some tourists complain that the Georgian flavor to the alarms find it difficult. Yes, the city in this regard is specific, now everything is done in it «near tourists», Moreover, mainly European.

Perhaps the main treasure signal – These are landscapes. Alazan Valley conquers its expanses, cleanliness and greatness. If you are lucky with the weather, you will see the snow-covered peaks of the Caucasian ridge.

If you are in Tbilisi or somewhere nearby, I recommend visiting the ancestry signs in the format. Although, if there is time and opportunity, you can and need to study more instructing Kakheti, the region is very interesting and picturesque. We did not work out.

Enjoy your walks on a signal, dear readers!

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How to get from Tbilisi to Signals and back by public transport

Getting to the Signals from Tbilisi is not at all difficult: the bus station is located next to the metro. Minibuses are departed at 7:00, 9:00, 11:00 and so on until 18:00. The ticket costs 6 lari, on the way 1.5-2 hours. In the opposite direction of the minibus, depart at 13:00, 16:00 and 18:00. Tickets are better to buy in advance.

Signals City of Love in Alazan Valley

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