Signal for romantics

Molja Lighthouse was built from 1858 to 1889. It is located at the entrance to the Harbor of the city of Aalesund. Lighthouse small – only 3 m in diameter, but each millimeter of the inner space is thought out by the famous Norwegian architectural company Snohetta, which developed the interiors of the National Opera in Oslo and the National Memorial and the Museum on September 11 (Ground Zero) in New York.

Price € 550 per day

At the beginning of the XIX century Austro-Hungary, taking into account the specific features of the Adriatic coast (a significant number of small small islands), decided to create a network of beacons. Today, 11 of 45 of these structures became hotels. On the island of Lastovo (55 sea miles from Split and Dubrovnik), you can rent a lighthouse under the number A0Q3i on the edge of a sheer cliff. The rooms are rather modest, but the view is chic.

Price € 163 per week

Lighthouse Corsewall is located on the western tip of Scotland. The building of 1815 is recognized as the national property of the country. His rays to this day indicate the road to the courts entering the strait leading to Loch Ryan bay. The owner of the beacon himself manages the hotel, to stop here – I don’t care what to be visited by the caretaker. The hotel consists of five rooms in the beacon, each with a separate bathroom, and four multilateral apartments (for large companies) located in several cottages. Guests can count on a daily dinner of five dishes and a Scottish breakfast with champagne and smoked fish in a restaurant that has repeatedly honored gastronomic awards.

Price from € 128 a day

Oregon Lighthouse The Heceta, "Pearl of Oregon", as its local, was built in 1894. But today he still beats for 21 miles, illuminating the Pacific Ocean. On the lighthouse do not smoke and do not rest with children up to 10 years. But you can admire the pelicans, whales and sea lions from the high shore and admire stormy waves. A company of 15 people will be scented in six bedrooms. There are five bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

Price from $ 148 a day

"Neither the phone, no fax, nor had, nor the Internet, no electricity" – such is the motto of the lighthouse of 1907 buildings on Isle of Isle-O-Hou in Maine. You can get to the island only with a postage boat from the village of Stonington, spending about 40 minutes. Lighthouse guests issue bicycles for study of the surroundings – fishing villages and National Park Acadia.

Price from $ 650 in two nights for two

At an altitude of 25 m above the ocean is a Phare de Kerbel Lighthouse. It has a bedroom with folding sofa, kitchen and bathroom. The panoramic window overlooks the islands of the Grooms, Lorient and Ciberon Bay.

Price from € 600 per day with man

Signal for romantics

O semaforo – Lighthouse, looking to the Atlantic Ocean, stands on the high Cape Phinisterre. The name of the cape happened from the Latin FINIS Terrae ("End of Earth"). Lighthouse is located at 143 m above sea level. Once he helped ships to Milk Local Rockies, now the seekers of solitude tourists stop. The hotel has five rooms, a small bar and a restaurant.

Price From € 12 per day with man

Lighthouse is on the Valdez Patagonia Patagonia (four hours from the nearest airport in Puerto Madrine). It was built in 1905, once there was a headquarters of the Argentine Postal Service and were collected for communication Argentine sailors. Now the lighthouse surrounds three buildings with 27 cozy hotel rooms. The restaurant serves Patagonian dishes. But the main local attraction – Nature: whales, sea elephants, Magellan Penguins and Lama Guanaco.

Price from $ 185 per day

Ar-Deco Tower of Lighthouse Harlingen, located approximately 100 km north-east of Amsterdam, built in 1920. 78 years old Lighthouse helped sailors to find the road while in 1999 was not transformed into a hotel. The front door and the upper room separates 80 steps. Only two people can fit in a narrow three-story suite of this architectural monument. However, all the necessary amenities are placed in this small space. And most importantly, on the top floor there is a lantern and a platform with a stunning view of the harbor.

Price From € 229 per day

New Zealand is known for its magnificent landscapes (remember the film "The Lord of the Rings"), but views are especially beautiful, if you are admired with the lighthouse on the coast of Island Bay, 15 minutes from the city of Wellington. This is the perfect place to restart the brain, not too moving away from civilization. Hotel Room is a kitchen and a bathroom on the first floor, a bedroom with a TV and a DVD player (but without a phone) on the second and a living room with a gorgeous view and a balcony on the third. Breakfast included in the price. Near the beach, colonies of seals and several restaurants in a pair of minutes walk.

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