Sigiriya – Sri Lanka Island Business Card

Briefly about Sigihiy: This is a miracle of the central part of Sri Lanka Island (in Asia), height is 170 meters. Some sources are confused by the height of the cliff over the plain, where it actually costs, with a height above sea level, because they are not surprised if on some sites of Sigiri will "grow up" and will be 370 meters, because it is its height above sea level.

Sigiriya, also known as the "lion rock" for its archaeological and historical value was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and, thanks to its popularity, tourists are considered to be now the "calling card" of Sri Lanka.

The entire archaeological complex of Sigihiya can be conditionally divided into several zones:

The first zone (lower part) is the so-called lower palace, located on elephants at the base of this majestic rock – with numerous walls, moats and extensive gardens stretching for hundreds of meters.

The second zone (middle part) – there is a terrace with a lion gate, numerous stairs and a mirror wall with frescoes.

In general, in the past, these gates were a giant lion figure carved in the rock, but only paws remained to this day.

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka Island Business Card

And the mirrored 140 meter wall, in the past lined with china, got its name due to the fact that he was thoroughly polished, and the king, passing by her, could see his clear reflection. Sigiriya used to be covered with many frescoes, but there are few things left from them.

And the third zone (the upper part) is directly the top of the mountain, on which the ruins of the ancient palace actually are the ruins of the ancient palace, with a roof of water to keep water and foundations of various buildings. Personally, all this reminds me of the Peruvian ancient cities in the sacred valley of the Inca.

A bit of history. Finally, it is assumed that the palace on the top of the cliff was founded by the King of Calpoy in 477 – 495 of our era, and before those times there was a Buddhist monastery. By the way, after the time of the board of King Kalpa, there was a monastery again. Europeans first learned about Sigihiya in 1831, after the British soldiers discovered her during the island trip. Since 1982, the Sigires and the Government of Sri Lanka became interested, since then there are constantly archaeological excavations here.

You will be on Sri Lanka, be sure to visit this place! In my opinion it is worth it!

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka Island Business Card

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