Sightstitality Zurich: Grosmünster

Grosmünster is the main Cathedral of Zurich, who rises on the banks of the Limmat River, binds to his "Junior fellow" On the other side – Fraumyunster.

The historical and cultural value of the cathedral is huge. It was built over a thousand years ago in Romanesque style and is one of the required to visit urban attractions. The construction of Grosmünster took more than three hundred years and was started, as the legend says, by order of Karl the Great. Over time, the cathedral was rebuilt, he almost completely changed his silhouette, but after regenerative work in the 20th century, the former appearance came again.

The interior of the cathedral is interesting and rich. Separate attention deserve heavy copper gates with excellent detailed bas-reliefs.

The unique attraction of the Cathedral today is its stained glass windows, performed in 2009 by the German artist Zigmar Polk. Their feature is that stained-glass windows are made of multicolored translucent sleep agate. Some of the stained glass windows depict the biblical themes, but in general these are avant-garde works of art that brightly contrast with the strict impressiveness of the ancient building. Photographing stained glass from inside the cathedral is prohibited.

Sightstitality Zurich Grosmünster

For an additional fee, visitors can climb the bell tower and inspect Zurich from a height of 60 meters. More 180 steps of the screw staircase lead to the top.

By legend, the temple was founded by Carl Great
Two Towers Grosmünster echoes the towers of the cathedrals on the opposite shore

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