Sightseeing Zurich: Fraumyunster

Fraumyunster – the second most important Cathedral of Zurich after Grosmünster and no less interesting object for visiting. It is located on the West Bank of Limmata, and the Spire of Fraumuyunster constitutes a single architectural line with the towers of the head of the Cathedral.

Fraumyunster was founded in the middle of the 9th century, almost two hundred years of earlier Grosmünster (if not to take into account the legend that the Cathedral of Zurich Grosmünster was founded by Karl’s Great), and in those days was abbey at the Monastery of the Benedictine Order. After the reformation of the XVI century, the abbey was abbesed, but a rather modest building of the evangelical church was preserved and today is the current cathedral.

Romanesque style of the church shall follow several gothic details. But the special appeal to the internal interiors of the Cathedral is given window stained glass windows on the biblical plots of work of Jacketti and Shagal. In order to avoid confusion, it should be noted that the building of the North Wall of the building in 1945 worked not the world-famous sculptor Alberto Dzhacometti, and Augustusto Dzhacometti, his uncle.

Stained glass hotels and southern wall of work Mark Stegal were installed in Fraumentster in 1970 and immediately made Zurich Fraumyunster famous for the whole world.

Sightstitality Zurich Fraumyunster

In Fraumentster, an excellent body has been preserved, which sounds during the service with his own choir of the cathedral.

Fraumyunster in Zurich
Cathedral attracts tourists stained glass stamp step
Stained glass window in Fraumentster

Sightstitality Zurich Fraumyunster

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