Sightstation Zurich: Bahnhofstrasse Street

Bahnhofstrasse Street is known as one of the most fashionable not only in Zurich, but also throughout Europe.

Banhefstrasse build up buildings of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Its length is almost one and a half kilometers, and dear monobrange boutiques, department stores, banks, chic restaurants and hotels are located along the entire length. The degree of luxuriousness of stores in Bahniofstraße increases as the railway station and movement to the lake. Also on this street there are shops and confectionery with a huge selection of traditional Swiss chocolate and products from it.

In the near to the lake Half the street is a popular paradeplatz (Paradeplatz). Urban parades begin here – noisy and funny street parade and spring festival of the six-story (Sächsilüüte), analogue of Carnival. The famous Savoy Hotel and the historic chocolate sprüngl are located here.

Sightstitality of Zurich Street Banhefstrasse

Once in a place where the street runs now, the city wall was standing, and now Banhefstrasse unofficially divides Zurich into two parts – old and new. Now this place is one of the central nodes of ground urban transport.

View of Banhefstrasse
Spring Parade Guilds in Bahnhofstrasse
Paradeplatz Square Decoration for Christmas

Sightstitality of Zurich Street Banhefstrasse

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