Tallinn attraction: Kick-In de Kyuk Tower

The most impregnable Tallinn Tower of Kik-In de Kyuk was erected in 1470, and in subsequent centuries, in the process of preparing the country to the Livonian and Northern Wars, was expanded and strengthened. After all improvements and reconstructions, the thickness of the walls of the tower was 4 meters, and the height is 38 meters. It is because of his record in those years the height of the tower got a witty name Kiek in de Kök, which means "Ploy in the kitchen". Indeed, from the last tiers of the tower, it was easy to look into the pipes of foci of neighboring houses and find out that Estonian hostesses prepare for lunch, but, most importantly, the location and siege looks at her height "kitchen" opponents.

The most serious battle that I had to go through Kick-In-de-Kyuk, refers to the period of the Livonian War, when in 1577 the troops of Ivan Grozny punched a huge gap in the upper tier tiers. However, the tower survived against the Natius of the enemy, and the four cannon kernels that fell into the goal were mounted in renovated walls as a memorial.

Today, the Tower has a museum dedicated to the Military History of Tallinn and the development of a system of defensive structures of the city. In addition, by pre-recording, tourists can make a tour of the dungeons of bastions – a system of secret tunnels running under the bastions of Tompea Hill.

Sightstitality of Tallinn Tower Kick-In de Kyuk

Working hours: March – October 10: 30-18: 00; November – February 10: 00-17: 30. Museum works daily, except Monday.

Ticket price: 4.5 euros for adults; 2.6 euros for schoolchildren; 9 Euro Family Ticket for Two Adults and Two Children.

Sightstitality of Tallinn Tower Kick-In de Kyuk

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