Sightstitality of Rome: Castle of the Holy Angel

Castle of the Holy Angel, he is the Mausoleum of Adrian, located on the banks of the Tiber River. For his long history, he underwent a lot of transformations, managed to visit the tomb of the imperial dynasty of Antonins, an impregnable castle, a residence of dad, a prison and a museum.

Construction of the tomb began in 123 of our era for the burial of Emperor Adriana. In 403, it was included in the walls built around the city for defensive purposes. In 590, the tomb was called the Castle of the Holy Angel and decorated the statue of Archangel Mikhail, who appeared to Pape Gregory Great with the prophecy of the end of the plague racing. In 1376, during the reign of Pope Urban, the building turned into a papal residence. Subsequently, it becomes a prison and storage of food provisions.

Tourists can inspect all six levels of the Castle of the Holy Angel: each of the floors has its own unique attractions. At the first level there is a courtyard of the Savior, decorated with a marble bust of Jesus Christ created in the XV century. Here you can see the ancient Roman walls, preserved in the circular corridor, erected by the project Nikcolo Lamberti. There are also placed statues that decorated the once tomb. At the second level, prison cameras appeared here at the beginning of the XVI century, and the hall of the urn, where the remains of the members of the imperial family were resting. Also, granaries are located, accommodating 3,700 tons of grain, and bunkers for drinking water reserves.

At the third level, you can see the Hall of Justice, where fateful sentences were made, including the decision to burn Georgean Brune. Also at this level is the Angela courtyard, the chapel of Saints and Damian and the Luxury Hall of Apollo, which was part of the Poppan Apartments. On the fourth floor it is worth visiting the four halls in which the collection of historical weapons is stored, as well as a richly decorated Polane Hall.

Sightstitality of Rome Castle of the Holy Angel

Rising above, you can get into the treasury room, decorated with frescoes Pompeyan corridor and other curious halls. On the last, sixth level, a column hall is located, the Rotunda Hall, as well as a picturesque terrace with a beautiful view of the city.

This grand construct for almost 2000 years
The castle of the Holy Angel leads the same bridge
Angel, crowning castle-mausoleum
View of the Castle of the Holy Angel on the other hand

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