Sightseeing of Paris: Champs Elysees

Champs Elysées (Champs Elysées) are the oldest prospectus of the VIII County of Paris. They spread out between the Concorde Square (Place de La Concorde) and the Charles de Gaulle Square (Place Charles-de-Gaulle) and are conventionally divided into park and shop areas.

In the XVI century, this place was chosen by Maria Medici, and thanks to the efforts of the architect Andre Le Nothr, the struls of the Grand Chickens and Alley with Ebones appeared here. In the XVIII century, the construction of the first houses began, restaurants started opening through the century. One of them, Ledoyen, has been preserved so far: here were Gi de Maupassan, Gustave Flaubert, Emil Zol. Soon the Elysee fields became a very prestigious place: the most expensive shops and restaurants began to be located here. The final stage of the prestigious cycling of the tour de french is held.

On both sides of the Avenue from the area of ​​consent to the Champs Square Elysées – Marcel Dassault extends a walking park that is divided by alleys per squares. Elyseysky Square is located in front of the Elysees Palace. The square of the ambassadors was built by architect Anzh Jacques Gabriel. The center is organized here "Espas Pierre Cardin" Under the auspices of the famous couturier. This square is the famous sculpture "Koni Marley" Guillaume works Kusta. Opposite the square of the ambassadors there is a square of Ledouien with one of the oldest French restaurants. Mariny Theater, who once led Jacques Offenbach, is located in the Marino Square, the founder of the French operetta. In a large square of games, or holidays, small and large palaces with a museum of discoveries and inventions are located. In each square, except for the square of the games, fountains are installed.

Next to Champs Elysées – Marcel Dassault is the famous Rond Point Theater (Théâtre du Rond-Point), as well as a magnificent big palace, where exhibitions often take place and other cultural events.

Sightstitality of Paris Elysees Fields

Elysee fields in the star area are resting, as otherwise called Charles de Gaulle Square, with a triumphal arch in the center.

Champs Elysees (view in the direction of the Louvre)
Fountain on Square Consent
Grand Palace
Champs Elysees at sunset (view in the opposite direction from the Louvre
Triumphal arch at night
Luxor Obelisk

Sightstitality of Paris Elysees Fields

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