Landmark Munich: Petersburg (Church of St. Peter)

Putting on the Peterskirche Holy Peter Hill (Peterskirche) is the oldest acting arrival of Munich.

During his centuries-old history, the church was carried out, rebuilt, collapsed by fires and wars, and restored again. Originally built in Romanesque style, the building was twice rebuilt – first in the Gothic style in the XIV century, then in the style of Rococo in XVIII. Munich Residents Name "Starny Peter".

In the internal decoration of the church, the altar of the Virgin Mary is held a special place. It is decorated with figures of four saints, Corinthian columns and a verte from velvet and gilding. The composition of the composition is the majestic figure of St. Peter, crowned with papal tiara. After the death of the next Pope, the Tiara on tradition is removed, and on the day of the elections of the new base, it solemnly rests on the head of the figure.

A cool staircase in 300 steps leads to a surveillance platform under the clock on the bell tower, offering a magnificent view of the capital of Bavaria. In clear weather from a 90-meter height, you can see the outlines of the snowy vertices of the Alpine Mountains.

Sightstitality of Munich Peterkirch (Church of St. Peter)

In the evenings, traditional musical concerts are performed from the gallery of the church. Every Sunday at six in the evening, eight bells of the Church of St. Peter are announced by the surroundings in memory of the dead.

Photographs Peterkirch in Munich

Opening hours: in summer: Monday-Friday: 9: 00-18: 30 Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10: 00-18: 00, in winter: Monday-Friday: 9: 00-17: 30, Saturday , Sunday and public holidays: 10: 00-17: 30 Ticket price: Entrance to the temple is free, the cost of lifting on an adult viewing area is 1.5 euros, for schoolchildren older than 10 years old and students – 1 euro, for children 6-10 years – 0.3 euros, for children under 6 years old – free. How to get there: the church is located on the main square of the city, the MARIENPLATZ metro station is nearly located. Address: RinderMarkt 1, 80331 M√ľnchen, Germany

Sightstitality of Munich Peterkirch (Church of St. Peter)

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