Sightseeing of Munich: Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche)

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also called Frauenkirche (Frauenkirche), is one of the symbols of Munich, as well as the highest temple of the city (99 meters). At the meeting of the city authorities in 2004 it was decided to prohibit the construction of buildings above it.

Cathedral is located near the square of Marienplatz. The history of the construction is directly related to the monarchical dynasty of Vittelsbach. The cathedral, in addition to direct destination, was supposed to be used by the rulers of Bavaria as a family crypt.

The interior of the cathedral surprises that it is made in bright colors: usually in medieval Gothic temples reigns a lumpy atmosphere. Through color stained glass windows with images of saints pour daylight. 22 columns hold a building arch. When you stand at the entrance, there are almost no windows because of the column and it seems as if the light flows from nowhere. All this creates an unexpected feeling of space and ease. Inside attention attracts a tombstone monument to the Emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire Ludwig IV Bavarian. It is decorated with symbols of dynasty and sculptures of the kneeling knights. Also worth paying attention to the decorated baroque stucco arch Benno in the central nefer of the choirs. The name of this saint also carries a fountain opposite the input portal. In the same style, the chief altar was decorated, painted by the Ascension of the Virgin Mary.

Sightstitality of Munich Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche)

In one of the stone floor tiles right at the entrance to the Cathedral there is a footprint. A few legends are connected with it. It is believed that the trail left the devil himself, having missed the church on the end of the construction. Not seeing windows, he looked around and hit his foot. For another legend, the architect concluded with an unclean agreement that he will help him build a building in exchange for the first parishioner. On the end of completion, refused to fulfill the condition, indicating the lack of windows. The devil cooked from anger.

On the survey site of the southern tower, you can climb the elevator, however, it will have to go through the stairs to the elevator. Passage to the tower is carried out from April 1 to October 31. Worship services are held in Catholic holidays in the Cathedral.

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