Lisbon’s landmark: Alfama district

The Alfama district is the oldest district of Lisbon, it extends from the castle of St. George, towering over the city, to the shore of the River Tejo.

The first buildings appeared here in the times of Moorish domination, the name of the district was also given Arabs. Alphaba translates as "Warm source". Once here aristocrats were settled, now it is a poor, but very painty and colorful area, which is also called "Arab quarter".

Sightstitality of Lisbon Alfam district

In the Alpha, the historical layout, organized by the Moors, is still preserved, since this area has suffered less than others from the catastrophic earthquake of 1755. The attractions include the monumental castle of St. George, Miradore (so-called viewing platforms in Lisbon), a museum of decorative art, the monastery of San Vicente de Fora and the Ceathedral Ce. Here is the Military Museum, as well as the Fada House, where you can learn about the history of traditional Portuguese music and listen to it. However, you can listen to the faad in local bars, where national dishes and drinks are also served.

Tram on romantic streets alphama. In the background – Cathedral of Lisbon
On the observation platform in the Alpha region
View from Mirador on Monastery San Vicente de Fora

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