Landmark Kuala Lumpur &# 8212; Caves Batu

If you ask a question &# 171; and what to see in Kuala Lumpur?&# 187;, then with a probability of 99% there is an answer &# 8212; Caves Batu.

Caves Batu

Caves Batu &# 8212; Natural attractions of Malaysia, took their name in a nearby River Batu and from the name of the village near these caves. They are the most popular caves of Indian gods that are not located in India.

Mode of operation: 7:00 &# 8212; 21:00.

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Along the path to the caves..

First of all, when you enter the sights of the sights, you will be stumbled upon this Honor of the monkeys, which displays resistance, strength and devotion.

Hindu god of monkeys &# 8212; Hanuman

And around him the pussy from monkeys, eternally hungry, funny and ready to eat everything you share with them.

Monkey drinks Malaysian cream soda

Circle Some Hindu shrines

Not surprisingly, here there are many Hindus who sell souvenirs, what has been done by Handmade for inexpensively or simply carry out a pilgrimage to caves. Also a lot of tourists from China and other neighboring Asian countries.

Sellers come from India will ask you not to pass by.

And again Hindy shrine

Next, we need to overcome 272 steps to enter the main cave (Temple Cave), where the temple is located.

This path is not easy, but you will not believe, some believers manage to overcome this path on the knees or even a little.

Entrance to Nice Caves Batu

At the foot of the cave it is impossible not to notice a big gold-plated statue of God Murugan, Son Shiva, who worships many Hindus worship.

By the way, it is its highest image in the world – almost 43 meters!

Ganesh – In Hinduism, this is the God of wisdom and well-being

Here again Hindu God: Ganesh – in Hinduism is the God of wisdom and well-being. One of the most famous and revered in the whole Hindu world of the gods.

Nursing monkeys so hard to score all the food from tourists!

Along the stairs you will be found funny monkeys who react very quickly on food from tourists. They run up to them and literally embarks her out of hand.

Arch at the entrance to the cave and figurines of the saints, the gods of Hinduism.

Very impressive themselves huge caves themselves, what nature created. Really beautiful!

If you climb the stairs to the end, then there you will see the temple of the worship of the Hindus, a large number of monkeys and beautiful eyes.

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Stas surrounded monkeys, now have to share with them bananas that we have in a backpack.

The most debrief monkeys get the promised prize &# 8212; banana!

Sightstitality of Kuala Lumpur; Caves Batu

From the caves are incredible views of the capital of Malaysia &# 8212; Kuala Lumpur city!

Landscapes Kuala Lumpura

Here you can visit one of the most terrible caves in the world &# 171; Dark Cave&# 187;, the price for the entrance to which is about 300 rubles!

Entrance to the Dark Cave Cave

In the cave you will have your own guide, which will tell about local inhabitants: Cave snakes that we by the way were met inside, cave bats, different dangerous spiders, stalactitis and much more!

Cave Guide &# 171; Dark Cave&# 187;

You will give mini flashlights and it will be the only source of light in a dark cave.

I will never forget how the guide asked us all the lanterns and we stood in the dark dark and only hundreds of volatile bats were heard over our heads.

Then it seemed to me that there was nothing worse than this moment, everything here is very in the wild and it was unforgettable!

The guide tells us about the local inhabitants.

Summing up, I want to say that if you do not visit the landmark &# 8212; Caves Batu, being in Kuala Lumpur, you will lose a lot.

Hindu girl playing with pigeons.

Here really have something to admire, there is something to study, take a picture, there is something to tell, do not lose the opportunity to visit such a landmark!

How to get to the caves of Batu from the center?

Caves are 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur. You can get to them easily and cheap on the local analog of trains &# 8212; KTM Komuter. Come to the city center, at the station Kuala Lumpur and take the ticket to get to Batu Caves station. Passing one direction per person will cost 2 ringgita (approximately 23 rubles).

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