Sightstation of Jerusalem: Via Doloro

VIA DOLOROCA ("Sorrow path") – This is the name of the street of an embarrassment path, which the Savior led to the crucifixion at Calvary. It begins in the current Muslim quarter of Jerusalem, from the Al-Omari school (Umariya) and a lion gate, and passes through the Christian quarter from East to West.

Street place the symbolic nine stops – these are the places of the falls of Jesus Christ or his meetings with other biblical characters. On each of the nine stops, the corresponding evidence remained, the inspection of which is a mandatory part of the tourist program. Last stops are located on the territory of the church of the Lord.

Along the streets are eight Christian churches, including the Catholic Church of St. Anne XII century Building, French Chapel Beeching, Ecce Homo Catholic Church with the same arch, the German Lutheran Church of the Savior, built here at the end of the XIX century, and the most significant Christian shrine of Jerusalem – Temple Resurrection or temple of the coffin of the Lord. Literally, any stone on the sorrowful path is associated with one or another event described in the New Testament, and each of the stops and churches covered in many legends. By virtue of this, the pretty narrow street of the Cross Way is hardly the most crowded tourists and pilgrims in Jerusalem.

Every year, the procession of pilgrims with symbolic crosses, repeating all stops on the path of the Savior, passes.

Sightstitality of Jerusalem Via Doloro

First station: here was sentenced here
Removal number two: Jesus takes his cross
Inside Bizilika Ecco Homo
Fifth station, where Simon Kirineyanin helped to carry Jesus Cross
Ninth stop: place in front of Calvoy, where Jesus fell the third time

Getting there: on buses 1, 3, 5, 5a, 36, 51, 63, 76, 76a, 76V, 333 to stop דרך יריחו / דרך העופל on Derekh Yerikho Street.

Sightstitality of Jerusalem Via Doloro

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