Sightstation of Jerusalem: Israel Museum

The Israeli Museum was founded in 1965. To date, this is one of the leading artistic and archaeological museums of the world. It contains more than 500 thousand exhibits from prehistoric times until our time.

One of the most popular exhibits is the layout of Jerusalem times of the second temple: it is completed in the amount of 1:50 and is engaged in an area of ​​1000 square meters. Interestingly, the model is not made of modern materials, but from limestone, from which houses were built in ancient Jerusalem and continue to build now.

Another attraction – Temple of the book. This is a separate room designed for storing eight Scrolls of the Dead Sea and the Code of Aleppo X Century. Dead Sea scrolls – texts that have the same significance for Christians and for Jews. Among them there are excerpts from the Bible, apocrypha, comments on the Holy Scriptures and other unique documents. They were discovered relatively recently – in 1947, many texts before that were not known or are known only in later translations.

The Arts Garden is also located on the territory of the Museum of Israel: it contains about fifty works created in different parts of the world over the past hundred years. And August here comes every year a festival of air coins, as well as a variety of concerts.

Sightstitality of Jerusalem Museum of Israel

Next to the Museum of Israel is another interesting museum dedicated to the study of the culture and history of the ancient peoples mentioned in the Bible. It is also called the Museum of Biblical Countries. Biblical legends acquire flesh and blood due to the fact that we can see material objects related to the epoch.

Under the control of the museum of Israel, there are also two other iconic for Jerusalem of the object – the Archaeological Museum of the Rockefeller, which contains many unusual archaeological finds, as well as the Cultural Center and the Art Museum of the House in which you can learn about the life of the artist Anna Tikha and her husband, doctors -Ofthalmologist Abraham Quiet.

Temple of the book where the scrolls of the Dead Sea are stored
Mock of ancient Jerusalem
Sculpture "Love" In the garden of art in the Museum of Israel

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